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Healing with Akashic Intelligence is the most comprehensive certification course available on Akashic Records. Choose from the range to heal self, heal others, and even train others on Healing with Akashic Intelligence. Learn from the Master Instructor of Akashic Records to get into the depths of healing and releasing past life karma.



Level 2: Inner Child Healing & Ancestral Karma

Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma

September 18 - September 26


Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery

Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery

December 2 - December 31


Become an Akashic Records Consultant

Share the wisdom of Akashic Records with others by helpful others heal their past life karma and empowering them to live a better, more fulfilled life. Release past contracts, balance masculine- feminine energies, remove wayward spirits, cut away from past relationships and release any foreign energies for others in person as well as a remotely.

  • Help others heal Karma and manifest love & abundance

  • Release Dark Forces & Foreign Energies from Others

  • Become a torchbearer of Akashic Records


alternative classes

We have a growing list of teachers and practitioners on our team. Each with unique talents, training, and background. We are all working with a common goal in mind: to help others to grow and flourish. With Akashic Records Academy expanding globally, many of our students and clients from India and from countries like Dubai and Australia have amazing stories to tell about the profound transformation and changes they experienced in their lives. They have been willing to let go of the past, forgive and truly love themselves, and now look forward to a better future without fear, obstacles, and self-sabotage. Once our students become practitioners, they realize the power to transform others too and can’t stop but to take this modality to the world around them.

Level 1: Crystal Prescriptions

November 27 @ 11:00 AM - November 30 @ 6:00 PM

Level 4: Crystal Prescriptions

December 27 @ 11:00 AM - December 30 @ 6:00 PM

Level 2: Crystal Prescriptions

December 27 @ 11:00 AM - December 30 @ 6:00 PM