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Elevate Your Healing Practice with Akashic Records! Experience unparalleled breakthroughs as I help Healers and Therapists achieve 10X success, transcending the limitations of traditional healing methods.

I empower Healers and Therapists to deliver 10X client outcomes, leaving behind outdated techniques and stepping into a new realm of limitless possibilities.

With Healing through Akashic Records, I guide Healers and Therapists to unlock the full potential of their practice, achieving 10X results and embracing transformative breakthroughs for their clients.

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Here’s why I want you to join the League of Luminaries:

Step into the magnificent transformation of our era, for the winds of change beckon us to embrace a new reality. As we transcend into the boundless possibilities of the next evolutionary stage, we must recognize that the very essence that brought us this far is not enough to elevate us to the pinnacle of the soul's progression

Behold, as the ethereal portal unfurls, granting access to the wondrous frequencies of the fifth dimension. Within this sacred realm, the destiny of humanity lies in the hands of each radiant lightworker. It is our solemn duty to embark on a profound journey of self-evolution, empowering ourselves to activate and upgrade our very DNA. Only then can we become vessels of pure illumination, radiating the brilliant light that the world craves?

As healers and therapists, we bear the weighty responsibility of the present moment. Our mission is now more crucial than ever—to be the conduits of healing energy, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows that surround us. Together, we shall illuminate the path for others, guiding them towards profound transformations and awakening.

Let us unite in this cosmic dance, embracing our purpose with fervent passion and unyielding dedication. For in this pivotal juncture, the world yearns for the luminous touch of our souls. And as we spread the divine light far and wide, we shall witness a breathtaking symphony of humanity's metamorphosis—a symphony that sings of love, unity, and a future bathed in celestial brilliance

Here’s what will change for you while engaging with clients after you discover Healing with Akashic Records:

  • Doubt and Uncertainty: With 5D Akashic Records insights, Healers and Therapists gain clarity and confidence in their abilities to guide and support their clients effectively.
  • Limiting Beliefs: 5D Akashic Records help healers identify and release their own limiting beliefs with the power of Sacred Karmic Clearing Technique and our LEEAD Framework, empowering them to facilitate Quantum Leap Breakthroughs with their clients.
  • Energy Drain: By harnessing the powerful energy of 5D Akashic Records, Healers and Therapists can avoid feeling drained or overwhelmed during client sessions, maintaining a strong and balanced energy flow.
  • Stagnation in Growth: Discovering healing through 5D Akashic Records opens up new avenues for personal and professional growth, allowing Healers and Therapists to evolve and expand their practice continuously, making healing mainstream.
  • Ineffective Healing Techniques: The 5D Akashic Records offer innovative approach with integrated healing across four levels of Karma, across time, space and dimensions that enable Healers and Therapists to leave behind outdated or ineffective healing techniques and embrace more impactful methods.
  • Lack of Connection with Clients: With 5D Akashic Records as their guide, Healers and Therapists can foster deeper connections with their clients as Akashic life Coach, understanding their needs on a soul level and tailoring karmic clearing sessions accordingly.
  • Fear of Failure: Armed with the wisdom of 5D Akashic Records, Healers and Therapists can shed their fear of failure, knowing that each experience serves as an opportunity for growth and learning.
  • Stress and Burnout: The healing power of 5D Akashic Records can help Healers and Therapists manage stress and prevent burnout, leading to a more sustainable and fulfilling career.
  • Ineffective Problem-Solving: 5D Akashic Records insights provide unique perspectives on client issues, allowing Healers and Therapists to overcome limitations of other modalities.
  • Lack of Recognition: By incorporating 5D Akashic Records into their practice, Healers and Therapists may gain increased recognition and trust from clients and peers due to their ability to facilitate Quantum Leap Breakthroughs.

Why Akashic Records Dominates the Healing Industry:

  • The Gateway to Transformation: The first secret is to understand that the Akashic Records hold the key to unlocking your true potential and transformation. By accessing this vast cosmic library of knowledge, you can gain profound insights into your past, present, and future. Embrace this gateway to self-discovery, and you'll be amazed at the clarity and guidance it offers to revolutionize your life.
  • Breaking Free from Limitations of Old Healing Methods: The second secret lies in overcoming the limitations of other healing modalities as the 5D Akashic Records, its Karmic Clearing, and Akashic Tarot Card Assistance leads to transformation of most resistant clients where other healing modalities fail. It embraces the best of 5 levels of Karmic Clearing: Soul Level, Past lives, Inner Child, Ancestral Karma and Collective Consciousness, making Healing with Akashic Records the most powerful modality on the planet.
  • Harnessing the Potent Magic: The third secret is recognizing the potent magic within the Akashic Records. It's not just about gaining knowledge but tapping into a wellspring of spiritual energy and wisdom. By embracing this magic, you'll find the strength to overcome challenges, heal deep-seated karmic patterns, and manifest positive changes that align with your true purpose. Unleash the full potential of the Akashic Records, by going beyond mere reading the records but experience a profound revolution by rescripting the Akashic Records.

Karishma Manchanda’s Most Popular Offerings:

Introducing our groundbreaking program, Healing with Akashic Records—a true revolution in healing. Uniting the finest modalities, it harnesses its energies to deliver profound transformations, unravelling and healing Karma within the realm of Akasha. By tapping into the Creator's essence and the boundless I AM, healers and therapists emerge as conduits of revolutionary akashic rescripting vibrations.
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Karishma Manchanda is India’s first Akashic Records Coach

Author Of Bestseller: Cracking the Code of Akashic Records and Unveiling the Soul’s Purpose
The Originator of Healing with Akashic Records™
Master Instructor of Healing with Akashic Records™
Master Akashic Coach™ & Soul Profiling Expert™
Author Of Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists and The Workbook for Chakra Healing  
Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™
Graduate Of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine
Transformational Hypnotherapist, and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA
Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, USA
Business Mentor for Luminaries and Soulpreneurs

Hailing from India, she proudly holds the title of being the country's first Akashic Records Coach and stands as a living testament to the power of unlocking the profound wisdom within Akashic Records. As an esteemed author, she has penned seven transformative books, with her best-selling masterpiece, "Cracking the Code of Akashic Records," and "Unveiling the Soul's Purpose", captivating the hearts and minds of seekers worldwide. With an illustrious journey spanning over 14+ years, Karishma has been a guiding light for healers, therapists, and spiritual enthusiasts, offering them the keys to unlocking their true potential and finding healing and purpose in their lives. Having served thousands of souls with unwavering dedication, Karishma's mission is as awe-inspiring as her accomplishments. With a resolute aim to impact a million lives, she embarks on a remarkable quest to influence the world, one life at a time.

Through her profound coaching and healing experiences, she imparts transformative knowledge, empowering individuals to harness their inner strength and illuminate the path towards personal growth and spiritual awakening. Karishma Manchanda's profound journey is a beacon of hope, shining bright with every life she touches. Her relentless pursuit of creating a positive ripple effect in the world serves as an inspiration to all, igniting a collective flame of change and enlightenment. With her at the helm, the future is filled with boundless possibilities, as she continues to revolutionize the way we perceive healing and spiritual evolution.

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