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Level 2: Inner Child Healing & Ancestral Karma

Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma

September 18 - September 26

Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery

Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery

December 2 - December 31


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Download the Three Vibrational Keys to Access your Akashic Records. Use these Keys to Reveal and Heal your Karma with Others Across Time, Space and Dimensions.


Why Learn from Us!

The Akashic Records Academy is a globally accredited and certified Training Provider of Healing with Akashic Records, Crystal Prescriptions, and other courses. We offer professionally accredited and internationally recognized certification courses affiliated with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). As a result, our courses are internationally accredited and recognized around the globe! We are accredited as an approved training provider by one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing the worldwide complementary and alternative health industry.

Because of our status, be assured:

  • Your Certification is well-respected, well-known, and internationally recognized – you can be assured you have earned the right certification. This means that our courses are known for being the gold standard and not just handing out certifications
  • As our graduate, you receive certificates with IPHM logo for successfully completing globally accredited courses that support your business growth
  • You will receive our expertly designed, most comprehensive content for Healing with Akashic Records, Crystal Prescriptions, and other courses. We continually refresh and have our courses up-to-date while aligned with industry best practices
  • Your Clients can be reassured with our globally accredited courses that you are a professionally certified practitioner – highly effective and confident in the application of Akashic Records and Crystal Prescription – in private practice or for your personal use
  • Ours isn’t just any random course. Our course merges physics and metaphysics to explain the science and logic (in an easy to understand way) behind what we teach, giving you a mega-confidence boost
  • The courses have more content and even more practical tools and exercises
  • Our courses are known for being the gold standard and not just handing out certifications. We believe in earning your certification. To that end, we give tons of support, check-ins, and invest in your success! I even assist with the mindset piece along the way to get you to the finish line. Take as long as you need it. Graduate on your timeline – but we are dedicated to helping you get there!
  • You can access the modules + all content from anywhere in the world whenever it works with your schedule – and you get Lifetime Access!
  • Our graduates go on to serve others, transform their lives, and even start or expand their healing businesses — or add entirely new income streams… doing something that they love.

build a thriving business in healing

Imagine having a thriving business that not only gives you the satisfaction of successfully helping thousands of clients but also gives you all the flexibility and freedom you have been craving for!

If you are an existing Practitioner or are at the start of your therapy career and need support & guidance to build your therapy business successfully, or

You desire to help hundreds to thousands of people but find that your existing therapies are not giving you or your clients the results you need for real transformation, or

You envision being financially free and at the same time, wish to serve others, or

If you aren’t sure where to start with building your thriving healing business,

Then this is the right place for you!

I can help you build a thriving  & successful healing or therapy business that gets you real transformational results for you and your clients. I have helped thousands of people qualify to find a new income stream by enabling them to become an Akashic Records Consultant, an Akashic records Coach, and Akashic Records Therapist. I have also mentored many healers from other healing modalities through specialized courses such as Consultation Skills for Healers and Therapists and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and more. I can help you too, to build a successful therapy business wherever they are in the world. I have been a successful therapist for over 11 years, helping clients resolve their personal issues & helping therapists build a thriving therapy business. The combination of my experience with thousands of clients and students and the specialized courses offered to you ensures that you work with the Client’s personal energy signature and the Soul’s consciousness for dynamic healing. I am India’s biggest online course provider for Healing with Akashic Records, Crystal Prescriptions, etc. With all this, I have witnessed that many healers and therapists in India lack the right skills for consultation and spiritual coaching while being excellent at their own modality and techniques.  This is where I can be of additional help to you. With my internationally accredited courses on Consultation Skills for Healers and Therapists and Certified Spiritual Life Coach, you become a witness to transformational results for you and your clients.

benefits & outcomes


benefits & outcomes


India’s Leading Trainer for Healing with Akashic Records

Karishma Manchanda

Karishma Manchanda

Author of Bestseller: Cracking the Code of Akashic Records™

The Originator of Healing with Akashic Records™

Master Instructor of Healing with Akashic Records

Akashic Records Coach™, Akashic Records Consultant™ & Soul Profiling Expert™

Author of Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists and The Workbook for Chakra Healing

Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™

Graduate of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine

Transformational Hypnotherapist, USA and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA

Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, CAMI

Business Mentor for Luminaries


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