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Each one of us with a womb carries codes of divine creative potential and expression from our lineage and the Divine Feminine essence of creation. This creativity can be utilized not only to make and birth babies, but to also birth ideas into physical form, and assist the body in its healing process.

However, there are emotional blocks that can energetically form in the sacral chakra… due to past trauma, saying YES too often to things that aren’t in highest alignment, or from having had past experiences where that YES was made for us…
This causes repression of natural Shakti energy flow (feminine cyclical creation energy) which prevents the ease of creating what we desire and/or manifesting our healing… and can cause repeating patterns where we may notice similar types of experiences/stories showing up within our realities.

Our sacral chakra, along with our womb and reproductive organs, is a space of connection between our Creator and Creation…. for expression of true creativity, sexuality, and relationships. All relationships impact our womb… not just the relationships we have with others, but our own relationship with ourselves: how we see ourselves… as worthy and capable, etc. All emotions of our past hurt and painful experiences reside here.

Clearing our womb space regularly helps us to hear the voice of the Void within…. which can guide us and work together with us to give birth to a new consciousness.

Through my energy healing practice, I have discovered remarkable effects of cleansing the womb with energy. Women who have been stuck in the past, whether consciously or unconsciously, can move forward and experience love and pleasure beyond what they ever knew before. Overcoming old patterns and habits that were created from sexual and relational trauma can be scary, but trust me, it is not as scary as you think, and it is well worth it.

What many women do not know is that the womb is a storehouse for energy, emotions, and memories. By being consciously engaging in its cleansing, vitality and sexual pleasure dramatically increase. In doing this we can refill with our own sensual essence and vital life force energy regularly.

Many things can happen to clog up a womb energetically! Here are a few major blocks that can occur, and the benefits of energetic womb cleansing.

The Energy of Past Relationships:

It is said in many traditions that the sexual energy of old relationships can remain in the body for 7 years. If there is a lot of old sexual energy in the womb from past partners it can clog sexual desire, and in fact, prevent other men (or women) from being attracted to you. By clearing the energy, you can re-activate your innate attractors, and make room for your sexual and sensual essence to flow. Your sense of self and self-confidence will also increase along with your creativity.

The Experience of Childbirth:

Many women I have worked with had several children or had difficult labors. This trauma can lock itself in the cells, preventing full pleasure and self-expression. There may be an unconscious negative association with the sexual organs as a result. This can shut down excitement for sex, which is very hard on relationships and marriages. Over time, the demands of motherhood can take its toll on a woman’s sexual desire and energy. By restoring the original life force of the womb, a woman can reawaken to that part of herself, and experience sexual pleasure in a new way.


Abortions can leave portions of energy in the uterus, as well as mixed feelings. While this is a sensitive topic, one thing I can say as an energy healer is that unresolved emotions from an abortion can alter a woman’s sexuality, hormonal cycle, fertility, and ease in sexuality. By clearing the energy and working with unresolved emotions, a woman can be much freer to move forward.

Contraceptives & IUDs:

This subject is also sensitive, and I think every woman should choose the method of birth control that works for her. For most, IUD’s are a wonderful solution. If you were to google the side effects of an IUD you would not find much, and yet woman after woman who gets on my healing table is suffering side effects from this method of birth control – including infections. Often, I can sense if there was an IUD, even when it has been removed, because the energy imprint is still there, blocking the pleasure flow for a woman, or causing menstrual and reproductive issues. I am not saying it happens all the time, but it happens enough to be worth mentioning. Listen to your body if it does not like this method.

Sexual Trauma:

Unfortunately, sexual trauma is rampant in our society. From rape to sexual abuse, to simply not being fully on board in sexual activity, sexual trauma creates energy blocks and fear in the uterus and body. The old energy of the abuser can linger in a womb making a woman feel almost completely incapable of moving forward, reliving the trauma on a cellular level. Womb cleansing and energy healing is a powerful way to release the energy of abusers, allowing a woman an experience of pleasure in her sexuality that she may have never felt before.

Sexual Neglect:

Sexual neglect can leave a woman feeling unloved, shut down, or simply un-sexual. By cleansing the womb of this patterning, once again, a woman’s natural life force can begin to flow, allowing an entire world of pleasure and creativity to come forth, awakening her to new heights. She may find herself very interested in sex and becoming very attractive to others!

Unlocking your Creative Potential & Pleasure Centers:

As you can see, the main reason to do all this cleansing is to feel your sensual energy and re-awaken pleasure! The other bonus is the creative energy that starts to flow as women cannot help but create in all ways once their womb is alive and glowing again. Life and all its ups and downs can cloud this natural feeling of excitement, life force, and sensuality, and yet it is your natural state. When this force is flowing, creativity and self-confidence awaken.

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