Theta: The Cosmic Consciousness

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    Conveying a process that occurs within the realm of the metaphysical can be rather challenging. Our verbal language has no words for much of the pure transpiration of spiritual thought-forms and spiritual information. The expression of these concepts is a pure vibration. Theta meditation is a way to connect and understand the All That Is and provides the conceptual medium for understanding how and why the world works on the physical and spiritual levels.

    The road map to All That Is gives a better understanding and clearer perspective of all the other planes of creation that make up the whole.

    When an individual goes into a theta meditative state, the perception is that they are going outside of themselves, out into the universe to the far reaches of the cosmos and through a portal into Creation. In a way, this is true, but not the way you might think. Inside of every person there is a tiny universe that is identical to the vastness of All That Is. What do we find inside ourselves? We find that inside of each person there is the Creative Force, Source, and God. The infinity is inside of us as well as outside. Each time that you connect to the Creator you go on a journey inside of the vastness that is inward.

    This journey that connects you to your own atoms brings you the awareness of the very outside universe of infinite energy and to the realization that God is in every atom.
    You go on a journey inside of yourself to find the Creator-self that is inside you and outward to the Cosmic Consciousness. When you use this technique, you will unlock doors in your mind to connect you with All That Is. This process connects the neurons in your brain back to the point of Creator within and when you open your eyes you will realize that you are connected to everything and that the veil has been lifted.

    When a true connection to the Creator is made, you may feel a tingling on the top of your head. You will know when you connect to the Creator. The connection just is!
    Practice being connected to All That Is essential to hold the vibration of the creator-self. The longer you hold this energy, the easier it is to create good things in your life. When you are in the theta state, you are surrounded by the energy of All That Is, and it envelopes each and every molecule and atom that makes you who you are until finally, you dissolve into the love of the Creator of All That Is. There is no fear.

    You just gently feel this energy moving through everything. It is easy to manifest in this energy because you realize that you are part of everybody and everything that is. You can feel the energy all around you, and as you realize this, your body comes into perfect balance.

    Living the awareness of being connected to the universe and the Creator of All That is in a way that enhances your life and your awareness of all beings in the universe, from the tiniest ant to the largest sun and galaxy. It is about being aware of other humans on this planet, respecting them and creating peace. This lifestyle is about being connected and having community.

    As you move through your life, your beliefs change with your lifestyle, and with the people around you. When you get up every morning, expand out to the Universe so that you can feel life all around you. Notice the trees, notice everything around you.
    Throughout the day, if you say or think anything negative, you cancel it in your mind and say no. Every night before you go to bed, go up to Creator again and thank the Creator for everything. An attitude of gratitude.

    Surround your car and home with white light. Connect with your car, your home, your wallet and even your crystals, ask and listen to what they must tell you.
    Everything that surrounds you, has a message for you. Once you become energy sensitive, you can even feel drawn to them, knowing they have a message to tell you. Remain in awareness but not be dependent. That is where detachment becomes as important as connectedness with all that exists.

    Clear the objects in your house and download them with new positive energy. Everything has an energy that gives back. As people, we feel other people’s thoughts. We feel the radio waves, the telephone waves, everything, including emotions and sadness of others, even after they have left the room. We are intuitive by the virtue of our existence and yet, we never realized. We get pounded by thoughts constantly so when you are in your home, download it with positive thoughts so that you feel refreshed.

    Go Green! Only put things into your body that feed your body what it needs. Lots of living food, enzymes, and be careful not to eat too much processed food. Make sure that you bless your food. Bless the food from the time that it is born, or the original seed, up to maturity. When you are aware of your surroundings, you understand how good the food that you eat is and how to maintain health as you go throughout life.

    When you walk on the Earth you should be able to feel all the Earth. Feel the trees everywhere. Allow the Earth to heal you. The trees will heal you. The water will heal you. Water has memory of everything that it has ever touched. Fresh water has an amazing healing energy. If you send a healing to the Earth, you should let the Earth send you healing back.

    When you live this lifestyle, you become an expansion human and connected to all things. Changing the planet one person at a time, living in harmony, peace, and understanding throughout your daily life

    Living All That Is!