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We live in a paradigm…. a paradigm of separation, a paradigm in which the mind is separate from the body. A lot of people are living a rat race. We all are chasing something, thinking it lies outside of us. Even those who have tasted spirituality want to go up into the higher consciousness, but they have not worked with their body. They have not healed their wounds and they go to the doctor to fix them. They do not get lasting results because they have never investigated their spirit. We are all disintegrated within our own selves because we have never seen ourselves wholly and fully.

So how do the chakras fit into this paradigm where we all have experienced been broken?

Many people think because the chakras have a location on the physical body, they believe that the chakras are just their physical bodies. They fail to realize that we are more than the flesh we own. We are an energetic expression of pure awareness.

But what is energy? You may ask.

Energy is in everything. It is all about us – in that includes our body, our emotions, our beliefs and thoughts, and everything in between. Yogi’s called it prana. Energy is everywhere and in everything. It is that part of us that makes us alive and that makes the universe sing. We are all interconnected through energy and it is this connection between the mind and the body that runs the same way electricity runs in your cell phone – it connects your software and hardware. The hardware is the physical body the software is the conditioning that we all have gone through, during our developmental stages of life, and sometimes even later. It is this energy that connects the software and the hardware making who you know yourself to be, as you are today.

Society is beginning to look at the person now rather than just the symptoms. This whole person includes the mind, the body, and the energy of the spirit. We are so much immersed in experiencing separation but now is the time that we know we no longer can see ourselves as individual parts of our existence. We cannot separate these things that hold us together. We must heal all our aspects together.

Today, we know how stress, poor diet, inflammation, lack of sleep, and medicines including drugs are causing harm to our physical body. But more than that, it is damaging our existence – our being as a whole and not just the physical.

Just because we cannot see energy does not mean it does not exist. We now know that energy can heal and can also cause disease. If we cannot touch it, does not mean it does not affect us.

Acupuncturists knew this for over 5000 years. They knew that energy travels along the hidden pathway is called meridians. They were able to influence the flow of this energy in the medians the imbalance of which caused illness. Yogi knew this too. They used to call these pathways Nadi which means motion. They knew that there are thousands of them in our bodies that come together to form a vortex of energy and called them chakras.  These chakras contain deep programming of the soul. Refer to the table below for more details:

Imagine smaller cities and towns be connecting the manufacturing godowns through the highways. If the manufacturing units find it difficult to pass through the highways, how will the people in the cities receive food? These manufacturing units are the seven chakras of the body, while the highways are the meridians that connect with the grocery shops as smaller chakras in the towns. If something breaks down on the highway or if the manufacturing units are creating too little or too much of these goods, such that it does not get the vital energy due to these energetic blockages along with highways…what happens!

This can result in imbalances that show up in our mind as negative and limiting thoughts, they show up in our body is pain and illness or tension in the muscles or they show up in our emotions such as anger and stress  – all these leading to dysfunctional behaviours that simply don’t work. Surprisingly, when we balance and begin to correct the deep programming – everything starts to change in life.

Before we go any further, I would like to congratulate you to have owned this step-by-step guide, which if you were to follow, would effortlessly unfold your fullest potential in every area of your human experience. This map describes the architecture of the soul, with your blueprint on it. This blueprint is the hidden energetic system that flows within our bodies known as the chakras.

But the problem is not the map. While we all have this roadmap at our disposal, most of us struggle to use it effectively. We hit dead ends. We make energy-sapping detours. And when we get lost, we feel like we just cannot get ahead in life. Most conventional personal growth practices only ever focus on a single area of life, let alone the energetic causes behind our biggest problems and challenges.

Those who do try to explain how our energy or our chakras influences our reality, often fall short of providing the kind of holistic, practical, easy-to-understand guidance you need to fully grasp and harness this phenomenon. In the Chakra healing quest, you will be exposed to the wisdom of the ancient healing system of the chakras and the knowledge I have been able to gather over my practice of the last 15 years as a practitioner and a trainer of energy medicine. With my endeavour to provide a holistic tool that resonates with every common person walking alive, l present to you the most comprehensive and practical guide to balancing all seven of your chakras — minus the mysticism that’s often attached to it — and in turn your life.

  • Imagine if you had the tools to not only identify your blocks with pinpoint precision… But also, the means to heal and energize any of your chakras as easily as pushing a button.
  • And in turn, being able to effortlessly elevate key areas of your life at a moment’s notice.
  • Looking to get that next promotion or raise in your career? Unblock your 1st chakra.
  • How about heating your sex life so you can experience toe-curling orgasms? Just work on your 2nd chakra.
  • Need to boost your self-esteem and strengthen your self-worth? The solution lies in your 3rd chakra.
  • Maybe you are preparing to make a speech or a presentation, and want to project unshakable confidence when you speak? Easy. Just allow your 5th chakra to flow freely.
  • This is what the chakra healing quest as laid down in this course talks about – it empowers you to do through powerful energetic tools you can use when you need it most. It is a step towards experiencing wholeness – for the whole integration of the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.

Let us start with understanding what chakras mean.

The Chakra System comes from the ancient wisdom of yogic India. It is a seven-level philosophical model of the universe itself. The term, ‘yog’ itself comes from the yogic understanding of the energy system. ‘Yoga’ itself means to yoke or a discipline designed to put together the individual with the divine, the mental, and physical practices that join the mundane activities with spiritual life. The idea remains to go through the steps to achieve a state of ever-expanding awareness of self and the consciousness of the universe. It is not the destination for the Soul but the journey through each of these seven steps that weave the self and the universe together. This course takes you through each of these steps, the seven chakras of the sacred wisdom that has the potential to make you limitless. It is a guide that takes you through the architectural map of your Soul, onto a journey to attain the highest levels of consciousness in the matrix that we all operate in.

A chakra is therefore a centre of organization that receives, assimilates, stores, and expresses the vital life force energy. These Chakras are the seven spinning energy centres of the human body that control every dimension of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Chakras are energy centres within the body, centres of an organization that receives, assimilates, and transmits life force energy. Our physical, mental, and emotional states depend on the state of each of these energy points.

Chakras are the vortex of energy, the energy that permeates through your being is the “glue” that connects your mind, body, and spirit. And it is through the step-by-step approach to chakra healing laid down in the chapters to come that will engage every aspect of your being, that will allow you to get into the roots of even your most stubborn issues and overcome personal barriers — rather than merely treating the symptoms.

  • You will be able to pinpoint past emotional and psychological traumas and heal them permanently, freeing you from negative thoughts and behavioural patterns.
  • You find yourself excited and driven about your work, as you start seeing more opportunities to uplift your professional life and your levels of abundance.
  • Your confidence in yourself skyrockets as you start oozing charisma. Self-doubt virtually becomes a foreign concept to you.
  • You become more empathetic, and the people around will start noticing, as they start looking up to you as someone they can trust and rely on.
  • You speak with clarity and confidence and never fear speaking your mind with your colleagues, your boss, and your family.
  • Your ability to make the best decisions for your life sharpens, as does life purpose comes into focus.
  • You feel connected to a higher power, be it God, the Universe, or your Higher Self. You feel endless gratitude towards yourself and others.
  • You quickly realize just how malleable your reality is, as you discover how to rapidly manifest your greatest desires with accurate precision. As you align with your higher self and the cosmos, synchronicities will start to happen for you, each paving path to the next adventure of life.

This quest is so much more than just learning how to use your chakras to elevate specific areas of your life. What you will discover a definite roadmap of the beautiful interplay that occurs between every single aspect of the human experience, and how you can find that delicate balance in every dimension of your life. What you will experience is a practical and holistic healing approach to address our biggest modern-day challenges.

You will dive deep into the characteristics of each of your seven chakras, which areas of your life influence, and learn how to activate them.

The intention is the beginning of your spiritual path. Intention plays a crucial role in anyone’s spiritual path.  I would say that in some ways it is the most important part of the entire path because it is the beginning of it.  You have stepped through the entrance gate to your spiritual path when you want turns into the intention.

Everybody wants stuff for themselves.  People might want to feel secure, loved, or powerful.  They might want to get rid of their self-hatred about aspects of themselves.  They might feel these things, but that does not put them on a spiritual path.  Many people spend their entire life wishing they were different, all the way to their dying breath.  But they never intended to be different.  The thing is, wishing you were different from who you are should not be confused with intending to be different. The difference between the two is so extreme, that in some ways wanting is the opposite of intending.  When you want to be something, then you are not whatever it is you want to be.  A want is a lack of something.  If I want to be happy, that is because I am not happy right now.  If I was already happy, then I would not want it.

If you wish to dive deeper, I invite you to join an online course designed to be an easy, self-help read for anyone willing to go inwards, explore their deepest pains, and bring forth healing to self. The course on the Sacred Art of Chakra Healing may intrigue anyone, be it housewives, working professionals, healers, spiritual guides, or even college students. In short, this course is a user guide to the Chakra System wherein I welcome you to explore the sacred architecture of your body and psyche.

As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, chakras represent the sacred architecture of your body and psyche. This is an instruction manual for owning and operating the inner gears that run the machinery of our lives.

Let me show you how chakras can be used to improve personal power, psychic and healing powers, love, and understanding. Through this course and the exercises such as journaling, mindful thinking, creative visualizations, journaling, and many more of such exercises, you will be able to:

  • Discover the “architecture of your soul” through your seven chakras – and how each chakra impact key elements of your human experience (from your wealth, your love life, your ability to communicate, and more.)
  • Learn how the developmental stages of your growth contributed to your experience as a human. Rapidly diagnose which of your chakras are open or closed so you can identify which area of your life to focus your attention to most.
  • The #1 mistake spiritually inclined people make in their spiritual growth journey makes them feel less fulfilled and whole in life.
  • How to use the “2-Way Chakra Energy Current” so you can manifest your ideal life and tap into higher consciousness for inspiration – all at the same time.
  • Ever found yourself reliving the same negative life experiences repeatedly? Learn how to use your Chakras as a tool to heal even your most painful traumas and finally liberate yourself from a cycle of pain, frustration, and anxiety!
  • And much more…

Are you ready to take on a step-by-step seven-fold journey that promises the integration of mind, body, and spirit?

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