The Amaze of Akashic Records

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    Many of my students before enrolling for the workshop on Healing with Akashic Intelligence as me… “What are Akashic Records?”

    Akashic Records are vibrational records of your Soul placed in the etheric library called the Akashic Intelligence. It has the records of all of your past lives…even the present life…. the present moment is recorded… and even the future…

    Every choice, every action, deed…emotion, or intention that you had in that life is recorded in your Akashic Records.

    These records have become available to humans only in the last few years. Perhaps, only yogis earlier had access to this information after long years of Tapp, Japp, and Sadhna.

    The point of making these records available today to all is to alleviate human suffering and to spread light… to empower people to make better choices that are aligned with their Soul’s higher purpose.

    These records answer the “why” questions that we struggle with when we think of a difficult situation from a logical standpoint…is best answered using Akashic Records.

    • “Why Me?”
    • “Why does this person behave with me like this”
    • “Why did I had to go through this relationship/health issue/money problem?”
    • “Why am I never able to have a happy life?”
    • “Why do my patterns in life such as failed relationships or money blocks keep on repeating again and again?”
    • “Why a divorce?”
    • “Why the death of a loved one?

    These records go into multiple lifetimes…sometimes across dimensions and universes!

    A trained Akashic Consultant can retrieve information that is relevant to the difficulties.

    What makes Healing with Akashic Intelligence so unique is that not one we teach students how to retrieve information but also to heal the past life karma and clear the energy of the present life wrt the core issue. Once the energy is cleared, you can bridge the gap between the Law of Attraction and Inspired Action. You can easily take steps in the alignment of your higher purposes to manifest love and abundance in life!

    Guided Meditation to Connect with Akashic Realms: