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The search for “purpose,” often includes books and exercises to determine your likes and dislikes, help you to identify passions and figure out what feels good. Focused on the intellectual discovery, this journey is very human. Uncovering a Plan, however, connects you to your soul.

What exactly is a Soul Plan?

We all are so much more than human beings living on Earth in the 21st century. Each of us is a spark of Source energy having a physical experience in a body – an ancient soul, who has travelled throughout time and dimension. You’ve lived hundreds of times and had thousands of relationships.

Before you began this particular journey, your soul devised a plan. A blueprint for your life, included the gifts and talents you chose to bestow upon the world, the lessons you wanted to learn and the ways you could support others.

This plan takes into consideration all of your past experiences and the soul family members you want to connect with to help them grow. The ultimate goal for all of us is to wake up and recognize how we can be of service to the world.

Why is knowing my Soul Plan Important?

We are at a pivotal time in human history. At the portal to a new age, the energy around us is moving at a rapid speed. The amount of change, adjustment and calibration for each of us experiences as we navigate this transition is enormous.

A thousand years ago, light and energy were much denser. We called even call that period the Dark Ages, a place where it was hard to find Truth, to stay in integrity and to support those around us with love and high vibration.

Now we stand at the precipice of the Age of Aquarius. In this period where we’ll see more people focused on achieving the perfect alignment that supports the collective manifestation of love and peace. It is an era where conflict and divisiveness fall away as the untruths, emerged from the disintegrated.

How do I discover my Soul Plan?

You have a library of information available to you in your Akashic Records. Like a computer hard drive, the Akashic Records contain every detail of your soul’s journey (thoughts, feelings, experiences) from every lifetime you’ve lived.

Along with your Soul Plan for this life, working in your Akashic Records enables you to step into the experiences you had in other lifetimes to discover and resolve old karma and commitments, which empowers you to fulfil that plan.

Accessing your quantum soul history answers the question we all have: Why am I here? When you seek the plan rather than a purpose, you move from a job description to the greater truth about who you really are. You step into your own power and wisdom in a way that is so much bigger.

When you know your Soul Plan, obstacles don’t scare you. You understand that the pain you may experience in this life is for the evolution of your soul and therefore the collective. It fosters recognition that we are all connected to the Source, even though the human in us can make that challenging to remember.

Most importantly, growing in this way allows you to heal the trauma you’ve experienced, which makes it possible to live as more of your true self. This energy ripples on and on, making you an active participant in the healing and transformation of humanity. And what greater joy is there?

This is where Soul Profiling becomes important too to self-discovery, especially when you are stuck in a Karmic situation.

Know that such a situation is the T- the point where you either start o resolve the past karma or integrate more in your spiritual journey.