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Why Have a Soul Profile Report Made?

Much like planets influence an astrological placement, your life is influenced by the blueprint of your Soul. It is influenced by the split of the Soul from its Creator and further splitting that created more lessons for the Soul to learn and evolve through before it could imbibe the true potential of being the Creator itself.- this is what we call as the merging of one with the Creator. You are either in alignment with your Soul Blueprint…or you are out of alignment with it… The only grey area is your soul is still learning and evolving through various lifetimes repeating the same karmic lessons created through similar life situations with the same set of souls (sometimes different too). Is not this traumatic – to relive each of the painful experience again and again!

What happens if we are out of alignment?

Imagine the separation from the loved one or a traumatic ending of a particular relationship or perhaps not being able to manifest your love into marriage and experience painful separation again and again….these are the areas where most of the Soul growth and evolution is contained. These are also the areas where we have been failing to learn the lessons that the Soul must evolve through.

Imagine you in class fifth. To move into a senior category of the class sixth, one must clear the exams of class five. If one fails, what happens? He/she must repeat the full year with the same old books and repetitive syllabus to clear the exam. This is exactly how we relive the same seemingly torturous experiences lifetime after lifetime. If you are out of alignment with any part of your Soul Blueprint…you will find that you’ll experience negativity in those same aspects of your life…plus, you could experience much more chaos in your life in general. This is because being out of alignment with your Soul Blueprint…is like having barriers that block your choices…and taking positive actions in your life that can lead you to the balance, fulfillment, abundance, and prosperity.

What happens if we are in alignment?

If you are in alignment with your Soul Blueprint…you will experience a life of balance, fulfillment, abundance, and prosperity in your finances, relationships, career, and your well-being.

Knowing who you are at Soul Level…allows you the opportunity to re-align with your original Soul Blueprint…which will eliminate your blocks so choices, actions, and direction are much more clear…which will lead you to more positive actions…which leads you to more life fulfillment, abundance, prosperity, and much more balance in your life…eliminating the chaos.

One or more of the following may be witnessed if you are out of alignment:

  • You feel stuck and you are spinning your wheels
  • You are at a crossroads in your life
  • Your relationship patterns keep repeating. You experience difficult or unfulfilling relationships.
  • You experience dissatisfaction with career or job or unable to manifest abundance
  • You feel something is missing in your life
  • You find the changes in your life are too challenging and need specific guidance and direction
  • Every day seems to be a struggle, you feel cursed that nothing good can happen to you.
  • You are not getting through illness, dis-ease, distress, concussion, emotional upheaval.

What can I expect from the report?

Your Soul Profile Reading fully explains all aspects of your Soul Blueprint and what your Soul’s characteristics are. You can then identify areas that are out of alignment. This offers great scope for personal development as well …so you will know to realign with your Soul Blueprint.

Much like an astrologer needs a kundalini report to read your nakshatras, a trained Akashic Records Consultant can read your Soul Profile. A well established Akashic Records Consultant will always encourage you to have your report made first. This helps to understand what all is coming up and where all it has started. And most importantly, it tells you what exactly needs to be cleared to clear your way forward.

“Our Soul Profile Reading reveals Who You Are at Soul Level. Your Soul Profile Reading is a special and customized reading for your soul… This is an in-depth reading detailing who you are at your Soul Level. By understanding your Divine make-up from your Soul Blueprint…your reading will assist you in making choices consistent to your Soul’s original plan and make up that was created specifically for your life right now…”

The detailed information from your Soul Profile Reading…will give you a better understanding as to how your choices have shaped your life thus far.

At the Akashic Records, we offer Soul Profiling and Clearing Services. After a telephonic discussion, your Akashic Records will be accessed. The whole process takes about 3-5 hours for a 15-page Soul Profile Report to be created that highlights your soul journey.

The following are some of the aspects we cover in your report.

  • Type of your Soul based on the journey of your spiritual evolution
  • Soul’s personality type based on 7-Ray System
  • The level of consciousness
  • The number of spiritual guides
  • How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records
  • Light Quotient of Soul. Light Quotient imbibed in the present life
  • The degree of your connection with the Higher Self or Creator
  • Prominent Gender-based energy of the Soul.
  • Key Themes of this lifetime
  • Major Soul blocks and Negative programs that are influencing your current incarnation
  • Foreign Energy Presence, if any, of
  • Negative Guides/Disguised Spirits
  • Soul memory problems
  • Entity attachments or Earthbound spirits attachments
  • Negative thoughtforms and Implants
  • Energy cords present
  • Presence of any curse, black magic, or similar energies
  • Akashic Records Reading for one persisting issue
  • Suggestions and Crystal Prescription Remedies

Once your report is available, you will be in a much better position to decide what needs to be cleared. Basis a discussion with your Akashic Record Consultant, you may then chart out the further course of action in a more certain, determined, and confident manner.

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