Somatic Healing Therapy Journal

Your body is a map and storage house of every experience you have ever had.

So many of us carry repressed and trapped emotions within multiple areas of our bodies, without even knowing it. In fact, we can go years, even decades, completely oblivious to the blocked energy our muscles are holding on to. This repressed energy is responsible for countless ailments and chronic health conditions that cause us great suffering.

The fact is that your body doesn’t forget.

Your body is the most honest and obvious way to access trapped feelings and even traumatic memories. No matter how much you try to ignore, intellectualize, or suppress how you feel, your body knows the truth. If you are struggling with chronic tension in your neck, shoulders, back, thighs, legs, or any other area of your body, this guide will help you get to the root of your pain, once and for all.

This guide will present to you several tools to use that can help you ease out muscle tension and pain.

The book is a must-have for healers and therapists who wish to learn SOAR Method to release stored trauma and emotional pain in cellular memory (a process we use in our workshop on Dis-eases and disorders).

Are you ready to release that old baggage that weighs you down?
Let’s jump into this user guide!

This is a printable therapy journal. You will receive a digital copy of this workbook which can be printed and used by you or by your daughter, sister, or even your girlfriends. This workbook is also good for healers and therapists and even the elderly who are looking to find answers to their body aches, pains, and other diseases and dosorders.

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“The workshop has familiarized me with complex concepts of akashic intelligence is the most simple and easy to understand manner. I will continue to use the tools and resolve the issues that have been impacting my life. Excellent trainer.”

Maria Steel

“Karishma, you are brilliant, tremendously awesome. Whatever you have found during my session is correct including the curse part that why I am not getting the happiness that I need. How do you get to know all this? You are simply awesome!”

Gurudev Singh

“Excellent, Thank you so much. Whatever you told me is true. Because of you only I got to know what is happening to me because of my past lives. I could not have a baby of my own and had to adopt one. She is now 3 months. Your reading explains why this happened, even when I did not tell you that my child was adopted.”

Rahul Gupta

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