Mini-course on Inner Child Healing

Guided Meditations Series to Meet and Heal your Inner Child

In my work as an expert in Inner Child Healing and Transformational Hypnotherapy, I’ve discovered that many of my clients have a wounded inner child. Unless you enjoyed a completely ideal childhood, chances are you have a wounded inner child as well.

The wounding occurs when we experience trauma at a young age that results in a profound loss of innocence. It radically shifts our worldview. The world is no longer a safe place. The trauma could be big or small, such as having to share your parents with a new sibling, being abandoned by a parent, or being physically or emotionally abused.

The good news is that when we connect with this fragmented part of ourselves, deep healing occurs. In my healing journey, I’ve found inner child work to be immensely valuable. I’ve also learned a few powerful techniques that can help you heal your wounded inner child. But first, we need to understand the role and impact of the wounded inner child…

Our Unhealed Inner Child is in the Driver’s Seat
You wouldn’t let a four-year-old drive your car, would you? And yet, for many of us, this is exactly who is in the driver’s seat of our lives. Technically speaking, our inner child is typically between the ages of three and seven-years-old. It lives deep inside our unconscious mind and it influences the choices we make, how we respond to challenges, and how we live our lives. An unhealed inner child causes destructive or unhelpful behavior patterns. With a wounded inner child, many of us have an underlying sense of anxiety or feeling of unease. We wear masks, people please, withdraw, enable, rescue, jump to negative conclusions, act out, or become passive-aggressive. Or, rather than feeling open, fully alive, and free, we feel imprisoned, stuck, stagnant, or weighed down.

Dr. Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. says in Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: The Inner Child, in Psychology Today, “True adulthood hinges on acknowledging, accepting, and taking responsibility for loving and parenting one’s inner child. For most adults, this never happens. Instead, their inner child has been denied, neglected, disparaged, abandoned, or rejected…(and it still holds) our accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears, and anger.”

How Does Our Inner Child Get Wounded?

Our inner child is wounded when doesn’t feel safe physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually, and as a result, experiences a profound loss of innocence. In “Feeling Safe: 25 Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child” Aletheia Luna lists ten life experiences that can lead us to feel unsafe in the world:

  • You were taught that it’s not okay to have your own opinions.
  • You were punished when trying to speak up or act differently.
  • You were discouraged from playing or having fun.
  • You weren’t allowed to be spontaneous.
  • You weren’t allowed to show strong emotions such as anger or joy.
  • You were shamed by your parents, family members, friends, or classmates.
  • You were verbally criticized/abused regularly.
  • You were physically punished, smacked, or beaten.
  • You were made to feel responsible for your parents and their happiness.
  • You weren’t given physical affection such as hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

If you experienced one or more of the above, you might benefit from inner child work. Rather than having an inner child that is unconsciously working against you (out of fear and a need to protect itself), the work empowers your inner child and adult self to work together for the common good.

The overall principle of inner child work is to access your inner child, gain its trust, listen to what it has to say, and honor it by working together to meet its needs. Working with your inner child can be an incredibly freeing and enlightening experience.

Guide Meditations will take you on an inner journey to meet your wounded child. Deceptively simple, guided meditations are a powerful way to connect with and begin healing your inner child.

This is a set of four audio files designed for Healing the Inner Child:

  1. Understanding What is an Inner Child
  2. Steps to heal your Inner Child
  3. Embracing Your Inner Child guided meditation
  4. Re-parenting Your Inner Child guided meditation

When I connected with my inner child for the first time, I asked her who else had abandoned her, and the answer was, surprisingly – me! Every time, I allowed someone else’s priorities to be more worthy, I abandoned her. When I hadn’t set and honored my boundaries, I abandoned her. When I allowed other people’s happiness to be more important than my own, I abandoned her. With that awareness, I humbly apologized and promised to put her needs first. I was confident, working together, we could ensure we both felt honored and valued. And we have!

That was a big ah-ha moment and shift for me.

Whether you are thirty-years-old or eighty, it’s never too late to connect with and heal your inner child.

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“The workshop has familiarized me with complex concepts of akashic intelligence is the most simple and easy to understand manner. I will continue to use the tools and resolve the issues that have been impacting my life. Excellent trainer.”

Maria Steel

“Karishma, you are brilliant, tremendously awesome. Whatever you have found during my session is correct including the curse part that why I am not getting the happiness that I need. How do you get to know all this? You are simply awesome!”

Gurudev Singh

“Excellent, Thank you so much. Whatever you told me is true. Because of you only I got to know what is happening to me because of my past lives. I could not have a baby of my own and had to adopt one. She is now 3 months. Your reading explains why this happened, even when I did not tell you that my child was adopted.”

Rahul Gupta

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