Become an Akashic Records Instructor

Apply for an integrated course to become an Akashic Records Instructor.

This course includes:

  • Level 1: Exploring Akashic Records
  • Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma
  • Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery
  • Level 4: Akashic Records Consultant
  • Level 5: Soul Profiling Expert
  • Level 6: Akashic Records Coach
  • Level 7: Akashic Records Instructor (in-person class in Delhi)

The actual fee for these courses is Rs 1,95,000.
Avail discounts for this Instructor-led integrated online course comes with an energy exchange of Rs 1,50,000/-

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“The workshop has familiarized me with complex concepts of akashic intelligence is the most simple and easy to understand manner. I will continue to use the tools and resolve the issues that have been impacting my life. Excellent trainer.”

Maria Steel

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