Become an Akashic Records Expert Coach

Apply for an integrated course to become an Akashic Records Coach. Learn the art of Spiritual Life Coaching and empower others to live an empowered life.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Level 1: Exploring Akashic Records
  • Level 2: Inner Child & Ancestral Karma
  • Level 3: Akashic Records Mastery
  • Level 4: Akashic Records Consultant
  • Level 5: Soul Profiling Expert
  • Level 6: Akashic Records Coach

The actual fee for these courses is Rs 110,000. Avail 20% off for the integrated course.

This two-month Instructor-led integrated online course comes with an energy exchange of Rs 88,000/-

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“The workshop has familiarized me with complex concepts of akashic intelligence is the most simple and easy to understand manner. I will continue to use the tools and resolve the issues that have been impacting my life. Excellent trainer.”

Maria Steel

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