About the Workshop

Our previous participants on The Journal to Inner Freedom workshop have used this technique as a practical way of seeking clarity on personal relationships, career concerns, transitions, and the varied aspects of their physical life. The Journal to Inner Freedom work has served as a means of evoking creativity, overcoming mental blockages and fears that allow students to seek guidance from higher self, creator, and their true authentic existence.

This workshop provides a method of psyche-evoking draws forth your potential and energies and enables you to answer questions such as:

  • What is my higher purpose?
  • What will my life be ten years hence?
  • Why am I experiencing a current issue in my relationship?
  • What is the message for me from my angels, higher self, or guides?
  • What is my life trying to become?

So many of us want to break out of our old habits and patterns, but find our efforts merely take us around in circles. Change requires an effective method of breaking the cycle and setting a new dynamic in motion. The Journal to Inner Freedom process provides an atmosphere of quiet and safety, together with the interplay of effective exercises and techniques that builds a movement within the person and propels them forward in their outer life.

Overall, the Journal to Inner Freedom process has the relaxing benefits of journal writing in helping overcome stress in your daily life. It provides unique techniques for Journal Feedback that goes beyond ordinary diary/journal writing and makes it possible to progressively restructure life goals at your tempo and in your terms. It is an age-old method of getting messages from the Universe, used by most Psychics to get Akashic information for past events, including past lives and gain clarity about the future. It is a classic technique to seek solutions to challenges and to know your Soul Path & Life Purpose. It is a much-claimed psychic ability and a divinity tool that allows a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source.

Journaling for Inner Freedom is a life-changing practice of writing words in a trance-like state that originates from a place outside of conscious awareness. It is an important tool used by many healers and therapists. It is a process of creating a writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer, but rather the Higher Self, Soul, or other entities such as Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. The writer’s hand forms the message and the person remains largely unaware of what is being written. When we shut our conscious perception, we allow the Spirit to flow through us with the least resistance, giving us the much-required guidance and messages to move forward in life.

This workshop is best suited for you, if:

  • Introduction to Automatic Writing
  • Types of Automatic Writing
  • Attunements for 13 Chakra Activation
  • Psychic Activation and DNA activation of Clair senses
  • Channeling information from higher realms
  • Practicing all types of Automatic Writing including Trance Automatic Writing
  • Automatic Writing for others
  • Psychic Protection before, during and after automatic writing
  • Role of Crystals

Key Benefits:

  • Gain direct guidance from your Soul/Higher Self.
  • Identify your limiting blocks, which when worked upon can lead to living a happier, joyful life.
  • Know your Lifepath and purpose. Understand soul contracts and lessons to learn from this lifetime.
  • Find solution conflicting emotions and situations
  • Activate your Claire senses. Sharpen, hone, and develop your intuitive abilities.
  • Get clarity whenever you feel stuck in your daily life.
  • Connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides, or loved ones who have passed-over and seek information from them or their perspectives.
  • Feel supported by the Universe and deeply understand your role in your Relationships.
  • Improve your ability to trust your instincts and intuition.
  • Sharpen your ability to make wiser decisions.

Online Certificate of Participation Provided that comes with an energy exchange of Rs 11,000/-

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“The workshop has familiarized me with complex concepts of akashic intelligence is the most simple and easy to understand manner. I will continue to use the tools and resolve the issues that have been impacting my life. Excellent trainer.”

Maria Steel

“Karishma, you are brilliant, tremendously awesome. Whatever you have found during my session is correct including the curse part that why I am not getting the happiness that I need. How do you get to know all this? You are simply awesome!”

Gurudev Singh

“Excellent, Thank you so much. Whatever you told me is true. Because of you only I got to know what is happening to me because of my past lives. I could not have a baby of my own and had to adopt one. She is now 3 months. Your reading explains why this happened, even when I did not tell you that my child was adopted.”

Rahul Gupta

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