Soul Profiling

The road of life can be turbulent and full of ups and downs, but the map for the journey you are meant to take can be found by accessing your Akashic Record or The Book of Life. The Akashic Records can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.

From this library of all your records, guided by your questions, the information is channeled straight from the Source to gain clarity about your life purpose. You will also know how your past lives are affecting you in this lifetime. You will be able to find the answers your soul needs to move forward with certainty. In the fifth-dimensional era where nothing is bound by time and space, distant healing does not lose its efficacy when done even across borders. Working with an Akashic Empowerment Consultant can give you profound results.

Soul Profile reading is accessed from Akashic Records. Soul Profiling is a comprehensive reading of your Soul’s blueprint. It includes a detailed assessment of your Soul’s energy. You may also choose to have an Akashic Records reading for one issue complimentary with your report. It is required to understand the root cause of any suffering or concerns in the field of love, relationships, marriage, children’s health, finances, education, and more.

90% of our sufferings lie in our past life karma. Soul Profiling helps to understand Soul patterns and planning for the current life, revealing certain Soul agreements and contracts that attract a difficult life situation. The purpose of your current lifetime and blockages in the soul journey is revealed, each is helpful to align our existence to a larger purpose and understanding of our life.

Chakra assessment, curses, black magic, or the presence of wavered spirits is also highlighted in this report. Not only will this report provide an all-inclusive understanding of the past life karma, current karmic imprints, and the role of foreign energies paying into you, but you will also be able to understand the root cause of these issues you are currently facing.

Towards the end, the report will also share with you the possible action which you must initiate to heal yourself.

A 20-25 page detailed reading of your Soul’s blueprint is curated, based on your Akashic Records Reading and intuitive guidance received by connecting with the Creator energy will be provided.

This reading will elaborate on the journey of your soul, and the difficulties you are facing, and most importantly, it answers some of the ‘why’s which intellectually we are not able to find answers for.

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Energy Exchange: Rs 10000 per report

The reading will include the minimum of the following:

  • Type of your Soul based on the journey of your spiritual evolution
  • Soul’s personality type based on 7-Ray System
  • The level of consciousness
  • How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records
  • Light Quotient of Soul. Light Quotient imbibed in the present life
  • The degree of your connection with the Higher Self or Creator
  • Prominent Gender-based energy of the Soul.
  • Key Themes of this lifetime
  • Major Soul blocks and Negative programs that are influencing your current incarnation
  • Foreign Energy Presence, if any, of
  • Negative Guides/Disguised Spirits
  • Soul memory problems
  • Entity attachments or Earthbound spirits attachments
  • Negative thoughtforms
  • Implants
  • Energy cords present
  • Presence of any curse, black magic, or similar energies
  • Soul Urge, Life Plan and more

  • 13 Chakra Assessment and its expression quotient

  • Expression of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

  • Starseed origins, traits etc

  • One Akashic Guidance Session is Complimentary (worth Rs 3000)!

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“I resonated hundred percent with whatever is written in my report.
I am thankful to the universe for guiding me to get my Soul Profiling done from Karishma. At first, I came across her book and after reading the book, I was so drawn to her. Now, after having gone through the Soul Profiling Report, I have got a clear picture as to how to navigate through this life and received a lot of answers too. I will work on myself as mentioned in the report for respective things. The Universe always sends someone to guide me ahead when I am stuck. I am glad I came across you as his messenger because I hadn’t received so detailed information to date. You are doing great work Karishma and may God bless you.”

Mayura Thosar

“Karishma, you are brilliant, tremendously awesome. Whatever you have found during my session is correct including the curse part that why I am not getting the happiness that I need. How do you get to know all this? You are simply awesome!”

Gurudev Singh

“Excellent, Thank you so much. Whatever you told me is true. Because of you only I got to know what is happening to me because of my past lives. I could not have a baby of my own and had to adopt one. She is now 3 months. Your reading explains why this happened, even when I did not tell you that my child was adopted.”

Rahul Gupta

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