Karmic Clearing

Karmic Healing with Akashic Records can be done remotely and works just as a surrogate regression session. Instead of putting the Client into a trance, the energy of the Client is accessed post permission for the session. The Akashic Records Consultant then enters a deep meditative state and psychically accesses the Akashic Records as a surrogate on the behalf of a client.

Akashic Records Consultant identifies the lifetime from where the issue is arising. Subsequently, the karma is identified and cleared. This mitigates the suffering we are enduring as a karmic clearance in our present life.

Subsequent sessions are generally required to heal through the Evolution Cycle and clear any foreign energy or dark forces which may be playing into the energy of the Client.

This method is most suitable for those who have been unsuccessful past life regression experiences, which could be due to energy blocks, third-eye block, or presence of dark forces or event spirits and other foreign energies playing their part. The Akashic Records Consultant is trained to retrieve difficult information and can handle such energies, thus making the retrieval of Akashic Records possible.

Energy Exchange: Rs 3000 per session

Where all can Akashic Records Reading and Karmic Clearing help

  • Relationship Issues: Relationship conflicts, betrayal. Isolation, Marriage blocks. Curses and Vows. Sometimes we have harmed people in relationship in past lives, we suffer due to that karma and curses taken in a previous lifetime. Vows like “I will never get married” (Vows of Celibacy) or I will never leave you, no matter what (Staying stuck in a bad relationship) can cause lots of hardships.
  • Money or Career blocks: When we have harmed someone financially in past lives, we suffer financially in current life. Result? Work gets stuck, frauds or litigation. Career blocks, no growth despite efforts or potential. People have found this financial karma coming from lifetimes as dacoits, thieves, property fraud, money lender lifetimes etc.
  • Health issues: Chronic or unexplained aches and pains. Migraine, Depression. Infertility (Childlessness), Unexplained or undiagnosed medical issues. Often once the karmic blocks are cleared, people have found the right doctor, Healing modality or even therapist.
  • Healing for the Terminally ill: When you have a loved one, terminally ill, like Stage IV Cancer or is bed-ridden for long, Akashic Healing can help heal the lifetimes which are the source of current suffering, and thus ease the suffering, and sometimes the person passes over with ease.
  • Spirit Release: Some people have spirit attachments causing sudden mood swings and erratic behaviour, even creating relationship and office conflicts and money blocks.
  • Inner Child Healing: Inner Child Healing, for healing behavioural patterns and trauma memories coming from childhood. This is applied when the person is not ready for a physical session of Hypnotherapy.
  • Healing Fears and Phobias
  • Clearing of Black Magic and other implants
  • Cord Cutting and energetic divorce etc.

Energy Exchange: Rs 3000 per session

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“The workshop gives good conceptual clarity and equips with the tools to tap into akashic intelligence to heal self and others. Karishma…you are a very good teacher with genuine intention to spread healing and its awareness”

Rakhie Vyas

“This workshop touches the depths of healing. Karishma explained the concepts in-depth in a very easy and understandable language. The healing process is easy to understand. The workshop also covers a lot of concepts that help in soul growth and release of Karma. I suggest more frequent meetups to stay connected and discuss our experiences with this modality.”

Seema Sharma

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