Crystal Prescriptions

Energy Healing is an Holistic approach to your health and wellbeing and by using Healing Stones you are able to work on a Mental, Emotional and Physical level of yourself.

Self Help, Self-Care and Self Development are all very important levels of personal growth, by using our Prescriptions we can help you to gain more positivity and help achieve a more balanced Energy field.

Crystal Prescriptions are unique groups of Crystals that have been selected to work on a particular aspect of yourself whether it’s for Health and Wellbeing, Self Help or Self Development or maybe give one of our Crystal Prescriptions as a Gift. Sharing the love of crystals and their unique healing powers.

We specialize in Healing Crystals, offering a wide range of Crystal Prescriptions for personal use, perfect to keep in your pocket or close by. Consultation is also provided for elevating vibrational frequency with the help of crystals to attract wealth, abundance, love, and harmonious relationships with friends and family. We also offer advanced crystal healing combined with other therapies for psychic protection, protection of children and others from the evil eye, ancestral healing, protection from souls and attachments, and much more.

We also provide consultation for healing buildings such as an ancestral house, workplace, and home, particularly working on manifesting harmonious relationships, space clearing, managing geopathic stress, etc. Consultation is also provided for protection from difficult neighbors and colleagues. Advance Crystals may also be prescribed to accelerate the karmic release and spiritual growth, including those that support Kundalini Awakening.

Crystal Prescriptions are available for infants and children, teenagers for focus, and adults for a removal for technology stress.
All our Crystal Prescriptions include complimentary space clearing advice for room/house/building that has been carefully designed to manifest all that you desire. Our Consultation also includes Chakra Analysis and prescription to attract positive energy within your Chakras and Energy field.

Energy Exchange: Rs 3000 per session

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“Definitely a Life-Changing Workshop. It completely changes the perception with which we see our problems. This clarifies the air and makes healing for stubborn issues possible. Food for soul workshop!”

Siemran Dhiirran

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