Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading helps you to tap into the memory of your soul. Through your soul, an Akashic Records Consultant accesses a part of the Creator Consciousness, called the Akashic Intelligence. The Consultant taps into the realm of spirit to access information about you as a soul, potential action steps you could take, patterns that are occurring, and guidance on how to get where you wish to reach.

What Akashic Records readings are like?

The Akashic Records are a soul-level consciousness, or “energetic library,” containing an archive of all souls throughout existence and their journeys and emotions.

Typically done with Akashic Oracle Cards, Akashic Records Readings provide information about your soul, past lives for insight into patterns in this lifetime, and general guidance, including soul lessons to be learned, why you incarnated with certain people, your Karma associated with them, and your soul purpose. It is best to come with an idea of what area in your life you seek guidance (relationship, career, health, finances, creativity, your soul gifts, etc).

Akashic records readings do not necessarily predict the future but offer insight into what is happening in your life and why it is happening, like having a spiritual team of therapists. While I will often see images of your potential future, whether this future unfolds is up to you (as you have free will).  After Akashic Records reading, you may opt for Karmic Clearing sessions. These sessions are very healing and powerful. Past clients have claimed these readings can be life-changing.

Note: The best types of questions are questions that start with “What,”, “How,” or “Why.” Questions that involve “yes or no” answers do not work well (as you can choose how your life unfolds). While I will be shown potential realities for you, much of the healing occurs in your processing of various situations in your life in this healing dimension. We can also look at a past life of yours.

Energy Exchange: Rs 3000 per session

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“Karishma is a very helpful person and has been extremely patient with my queries. She has answered them to my satisfaction and has taken every possible care in making the students feel comfortable. She goes to the depths of the concepts and touches upon every possible detail on the subject. Healing with the Akashic Intelligence workshop has helped me move forward in my life. Thanks to Karishma, a beautiful soul.”

Walter Gill

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