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Importance of Psychic Protection During Healing & Reading

As an Elite Akashic Records Master Trainer, my job is to help people who may, unknowingly, have such negative energies attached to them. New Healers and Psychics are particularly prone to this. There are many methods to rid ourselves, and others, of these drains. However, when working with clients we must be mindful not to allow anything to be pulled off them to attach itself to us. Sometimes it happens before we even notice. We get preoccupied with helping our clients that we may forget that negative entities can attach themselves to us.

It can be difficult to determine if something has attached itself to us if we were not expecting to feel this negativity draining us. Sometimes we assume that the client needed more energy than we could channel and that they received some of our own energy. This is, usually, not the case. Often, the negative energy will seek another body to attach itself to (us) and we will unknowingly allow it to happen as we are concentrating on giving the client our full attention.

Foreign Energies

As we develop spiritually, we also develop a higher sensitivity and therefore need safeguards against psychic attacks. We become more and more aware of any negative energies that are around us. As we do so, the need for psychic protection and protection exercises becomes increasingly important. Wayward Spirits and Disembodied Spirits are particularly attracted towards us and attached to our Aura and feed on the energy as they themselves are unable to produce so.

Thought Forms, Implants, Psychic Hooks and More

We may become aware of any attachments that try to steal our energy. Thought Implants, Psychic Hooks etc also act as an attachment just like Foreign Energies and Entities do, but with a lower impact. They do however have a great potential to drain your energy or change your moods. Before our sensitivities are intensified, we are unaware of them. When they attach themselves to us, we may have just put it down to “having a bad mood”, or “just feeling under the weather”. However, the more sensitive that we become the more we feel the effects of attachments and negative energy. These are generally established when the Client ends up extending Energy or Psychic Cords to us as they tend to latch on to our energy as their hope for situational improvement.

So, how do we create psychic protection?

As we develop more of our spiritual abilities and become more aware of these hazards, we safeguard against such events happening to us by using protection exercises. Psychic protection, in its purest essence, is the power of the mind. To create protection around our auric field we must do so via our minds and intention. It would not be very effective to think of a protection exercise and not have the intention of using it to its full potential.

How to strengthen your psychic protection?

Sometimes people may have ill will towards you and send out offensive thought forms in your direction. If your protection (mind power) was strong then negative thoughts by others or psychic attacks will not harm you. How do you make your protection strong? You must practice it every day, sometimes more than once until it has been reinforced to an extent where you barely need to think about it to activate it. Your intention to block any negativity would be immensely more powerful than that of the sender. As they would be unaware of your protection, the attack would be futile. If you did not have protection in place, then you would be wide open to any negative or psychic attack.

White Light Meditation for Protection

Meditating is an important step in creating a balanced, healthy body. When you meditate, you raise your frequency and overall mood, which helps strengthen your system’s natural defences against anything negative. Guided meditations can help you stay focused on your inner body instead of dwelling on outside negative focuses. Instead of pushing yourself to meditate for long periods of time, meditate for five minutes to start and build up your strength from there. Taught in Level 1 of Healing with Akashic Records, White Light Meditation is one thing you can do quickly before starting your session with any client. Not only this zip-up any open tears in your auric field, but it also strengthens your chakra alignment, making the entry of any unwanted entity difficult.

Clean your space!

As a healer, it is very important to undertake energy cleansing exercises of both yourself and your environments. This will clear away anything that has stagnated either on you or in the spaces that you occupy. There are many ways to clean space, but a few easy ways would smudge by burning sage, Palo Santo, or incense.

Indulge in space clearing as a habit, especially if you practice healing your clients in one room, office, or building. Several attempts of healing and clearing can also create dense and heavy energies in that room if space is not regularly cleared. Try this Energetic Space Clearing Guided Meditation if you do not have your own.

Cloak Method

When you feel particularly sensitive around a specific set of clients, or even otherwise, adopting a Cloak Method has been found helpful. Imagine you are wearing a hooded cloak with reflective material. Any energy shot at you is bounced back. Ensure that you are fully covered in this cloak, safe and divinely protected.

Call on your Crystals!

Since ancient times, people have used the crystal to ward off negative energy, bring good health, and manifest happiness and abundance. Crystals possess wonderful protective properties and hold the power to energetically heal. Though many (if not all) crystals have some degree of protection ingrained in them, my favourite crystal shields, so to speak, are Smokey Quartz, Shungite, Black Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline. I almost always wear or engage with Moldavite, Libyan Glass or Tibetan Tektite for added aura healing, chakra alignment and connecting with the higher vibrations, and this particularly is very grounding.

Mind Your Truth

One of the most basic metaphysical truths is that we attract that which we put out into the universe. If we put forward positive thoughts, we welcome positivity into our lives. Thus, if we keep our thoughts, desires, and wishes aligned with positive thoughts, we are more likely to attract abundance. When we begin to think negative thoughts, we open ourselves up to the vibration of negative, draining energy. In most instances where someone is psychically attacking you, at some level, you are allowing them to.

Sometimes, the best thing to be done is to get out!

One of my big tips for psychic protection is to be aware of what is going on around you. The minute you feel someone pulling on your energy, check out the situation. Learn how to recognize these ‘energy vampires’ —the people who, knowingly or unknowingly, pull on your energy. Energy vampires typically behave in certain ways, such as invading your personal space and talking at you instead of with you. When you find yourself in a situation like this, immediately remove yourself. Spend as little time as possible in situations that are likely to drain you, such as long parties, business meetings that drag on, and cramped places. One of the best things I did was set some time limits on myself for how long I will stay at a social party or business meeting.

Positive attitude and affirmations

Negative entities and attachments feed on our fears. The more scared we get, the more powerful they become. This starts a cycle that can make us feel depressed and useless. A positive attitude and affirmations can help to protect against this. We can feel the fear but not succumb to the negative feelings. Any attachment would then have very little to feed on and will soon leave. It is so important to have a detachment from our clients. We may have empathy for them, but we should not allow unnecessary attachments. If we do then we may let ourselves get depressed or feel down when we hear our clients’ stories of sickness and depression. We must be compassionate but stay unattached from their feelings. This is vital to stay protected!

Mind Your Addictions

Addictions are another way that entities attach themselves to us. When we are kept in a cycle of addiction then we lose a part of our strength and wellbeing. We are easily fed upon as our resolve has been diluted by the addiction. If the addiction involves us not being fully in control of our bodies such as with alcohol and drugs, then our situation becomes a lot worse. Our dependence on an outside influence is a chink in our armour and it is easier for negativity to infiltrate our auras and attach itself to us.

Do not engage in pessimism

Negativity, in any form, is destructive to our well-being. If we engage in pessimistic thoughts, then we are creating attachments that can stick to others as well as ourselves. If we create unfavourable thoughts towards other people, those thoughts are created in our own minds and therefore hurt us. The gloomier thoughts that you project the darker your life becomes. It will start to affect every corner of your life including relationships, work, and your home life. The negativity will begin to consume you!

Aura protection

Imagine that your aura is encased by an egg or a bubble. The shell of the egg is not hard, it is very soft and ethereal, like gossamer. Envisage this softshell in purple. Now give the egg the intention that the only things that can enter the egg are those which you have invited. You can expel any undesirable elements from inside the egg. This means that your protection is now semi-permeable to energies and the deciding factor of what enters and exits the egg is YOU. Continue this visualization by coating your egg, or bubble, with silver. This is to reflect any negativity that may be heading your way. Finally, add a coat of gold as permanent protection. Practice this exercise every morning for 40 days.

Smudging Self

You can use sacred herbs such as white sage, frankincense, sweet grass, or Palo Santo. To cleanse a space, you just need to light the herb and allow it to burn a little so that it creates smoke. Then place the burning herb over a ceramic bowl to prevent hot embers or ash from falling on the floor. Waft the smoke around the space using a feather, smudging fan, or other objects to allow it to fan out around the room. Just walk slowly around the space, fanning out the sacred smoke as you go.

To smudge a person, you should follow the initial steps of lighting the herb and placing it in a bowl. Ask the person who you will smudge to stand with their arms and legs spread out. Fan the smoke from head to toe in front of the person, then do the same at their rear, ensuring that you pass the bowl around their arms and legs. Ask the person to lift their feet so that you can smudge around those as well. Ensure that you smudge the space above their head as well.


Here are some affirmations to create positivity in your life.

  • Today I will not stress over things I cannot control.
  • I am worthy enough to follow my dreams and manifest my desires.
  • I love myself. I believe in myself. I support myself.
  • I will attract those that help me reach my goals.
  • I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
  • I will succeed.
  • I have the power to create change.
  • I know what I want.
  • I am healthy and filled with energy.
  • I am safe and divinely protected.

In the end, despite having practised the above, if you still attract foreign energies in the form of a wayward spirit, disembodies spirit, thought forms, psychic hooks etc, do not panic. Know that they are here for a reason and that nothing happens in the Universe without one.

Sometimes these energies simply come to us because they know we can help us send them back into the White Light. So, do not panic. Heal your Karma with such Dark Forces and using the protocols taught in Level 3 to Release Foreign Energies, allow these foreign entities to be sent into the White Light.

Sometimes, the stubborn ones do not go into the Light in a single attempt. In such a case, call upon their spirit guides and repeat the process. Remember that they do not falter their Spirit Guides and will be now gone forever. Visualize them gone into the akasha till you no longer can witness their presence. Ensure you close the door once they enter the Akashic Space and lock the door so that they do not turn back.

If you wish to learn more about how to clear Black Magic, Wayward Spirits from Self or from a building, or help your clients become free of such foreign energies, I strongly encourage you to become a globally certified Akashic Records Consultant.

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