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We are amid COVID Crisis. Many people are going out of businesses and so does the healing fraternity. With social distancing becoming the new normal, all in-person healing sessions such as past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy are a thing of the past. Distance healing is the future of healing businesses and will soon become a mainstream business opportunity for all healers and therapists.

But which distant healing modality to learn?

While there are many options available in the market such as all possible forms of Reiki and online counseling, training individuals to heal themselves is the need of the hour. Even if there is one healer in a family, it can impact the lives of many.

Having a master of more than 16 different modalities, I have realized the value of Healing with Akashic Intelligence comes to the rescue. Not only is this modality the most powerful one, but also the most acceptable form of distant healing by the Clients.

This course was created via the channeling the Akashic Masters 20 years back and has undergone advancements as and when the guidance was received from the Masters and the Creator of All That Is. Today, we know this as Healing with Akashic Intelligence.

Depending on the intent, you may learn this modality for self-healing or for healing others. Akashic Records Academy offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive learning in the field of Akashic Records. From reading records of self to doing soul profiling for others, Healing with Akashic Intelligence covers Past Life Healing, Inner Child Healing, Ancestral Healing, Karmic Clearing, Entity Release, Curse Removal and much more.

Even if you are one who does not have a knack to heal others, Healing with Akashic Intelligence is an amazing tool for self-discovery and empowerment. It helps you walk the path of love, compassion, and forgiveness. The beauty of this course is that it does not matter from which religious background you are coming from; it resonates with all other belief systems and spiritual paths. It leads you to establish a deeper bond with the energy of All That Is.

When you become your own Akashic Records Reader and receive information from your own Book of Life, you will be given all the tools and knowledge needed to access information from the Akashic Realm. This is the first step to creating a direct channel to receiving your own information that can profoundly enhance your connection to Higher-Self and to help you make important life decisions.

The direct contact to your sacred information will allow you to heal past/current trauma, emotional blockages, and to see your life/path with a broader perspective. This new tool will allow you to further develop your spiritual abilities, life mission, and overall wellbeing. You will learn to trust your intuitive messages and allow your connection to progress and grow with time and practice.

Just like a legal document, your Soul contract is an agreement to certain terms, conditions, and possible resolutions in this lifetime.

“Knowledge is power and understanding your spiritual life will help you understand your human life. When this knowledge is absorbed as wisdom, it can lead to resolving Karma and foster your spiritual evolution.”

It is also important to have a full understanding of your Soul’s contracts and how are they operating in the current life. For the actual healing to take place, it is essential that we fully understand how the Soul Contracts are created, planned and how do they play out across all your relationships.

Every life incarnation has its own Soul contracts, specific to that life… to that incarnation. Your current life contract is unique just like your personality and your thoughts.

In this course we will go into specific details on each aspect of the contract, why they are chosen, and why it is important. One must be prepared to get into the details of contract creation, from choosing elements of the upcoming incarnation to picking your life partners and understanding the relevance of Soul mates.

The evolution cycle from the Big Bang Theory provides a lot of insights about how our psychology is designed to bring forth the karmic lessons we must learn, before moving into the next class on the Earth School. It determines we are here to do, why our soul chose to come and why do we have certain struggles in our life.

You will be able to find answers such as:

·        Why is it happening?

·        Where did it all began? How did it begin? Why did it begin?

·        What am I not understand from this situation?

·        Am I learning what I need to from my struggles?

·        How can I overcome this issue?

·        What is that pending lesson that is not allowing me to move on from this?

·        What else am I missing to see that I have not yet seen?

Students are called upon to learn this course when they are ready. No one can force through this learning. It requires a lot of courage for the Soul to reach here. Emotions such as guilt and shame may arise when you retrieve your past lives. This may happen when the karma is intense. Oaths, vows, curses, evil eye, and black magic can also be transmuted and released. Cord-cutting and Energetic Divorce helps relieve symptoms of energy drainage.

“ With the planetary energies elevating, Akashic Intelligence has become available to many and is easily accessible to heal self and others

The Earth is ready to shed off its karma as it plans its transition from 3D to 5D Earth. There is a dire need for humans too to release their karma. Only those who are ready will be able to do so, thus permitting themselves to move into the 5D Earth as it transforms into a planet with a new energetic signature.

In this state of transition, our role is to allow the channeling of higher vibrational energies and anchor them into Mother Earth. The simplest way to achieve this is to get in tune with our Soul’s divine wisdom and use the Creator’s perspective to understand the hidden treasures of human existence.

I invite you to connect to your Akashic Records and to use our knowledge and experience to become the best reader for yourself and your sacred information.

Here’s how you can connect with the Akashic Intelligence: