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FAQs about Akashic Records Readings

Before you have your first consultation with me on Akashic Records or Soul Profiling, there may be certain questions that you may be asking yourself. These questions may be about your uncertainties or doubts you might have concerning the readings.

Let us explore some of them:

  1. How do I decide what questions I should ask?

While most of the client’s approach to seek guidance, it is important to note that the future remains fluidic. Even if an Akashic Records Consultant does a future reading for you, it may not exactly manifest as such since the reading is based on your current energies. Each day we go through so many experiences. Every experience alters our energy signature and thus the future changes. Besides, future reading presents one of the many possibilities that exist as your future. So, if you may ask me, is Akashic Records best for predictions, my response perhaps be a no!

However, it is worth noting that the blocks to what you wish to manifest as your future is where your attention should be. Once you can recognize the karmic blocks that hinder the manifestation of the future you wish to create, the energy starts to shift. We recommend opting for a Soul Profiling Report that details out your present energy signature, karmic blocks, lifetime themes, chakra assessment, and most importantly, assess in case you are carrying any foreign energies such as black magic, wayward or disembodied spirit etc. It also presents in case there may be any karmic blocks coming from past lives as the report itself includes a detailed analysis of your core issue. This information is retrieved from your Akashic Records. Curses, oaths, vows taken in a past life may have a deep impact on the current situation and must be released with our signature Karmic Clearing Sessions.

  1. So, what kind of questions can be asked?

Questions should begin with why what, how, etc. Questions such as when and by whom are not usually answered by the Records, and there are valid reasons for this. Akashic Records do not operate in a linear timeline. This means, anything that has happened even a minute ago or a hundred past lives ago will still be considered as your past. Names of people who have done something wrong to you such as ‘who sent this evil eye or did black magic to me?’ are also not answered.

This is typically for two reasons. One: the realm of akasha is non-judgemental and all-loving. It provides only as much information as you are ready to face. Besides, one must understand that it is we who attract such things from others due to our karmic baggage. Our free will and soul contract contributed to manifest this blockage, thus there is no point blaming someone else, Second, the names are also not revealed so that it does not cause to establish rivalry or create further karmic entanglement with that person. The Akasha is a high vibratory instrument to assist you in your personal development and spiritual growth- not the other way round.

When we can heal the karma based on the information received, we pave the path for newer opportunities. This happens because we start to use the Law of Attraction to our advantage. As your karmic clearing sessions proceed, you will find more peace, calm, and surrender too, which is a by-product of the karmic clearing.

  1. What if I am not sure that I want to hear the answers?

The Akashic Records are non- judgmental. You would not receive any answers that would cause you distress or negativity. The records shine a light on your path to bring clarity and break down blocks and limitations in your life. The records never reveal what you are not ready for. It must always be remembered that the Akashic Records offer us a tool to alleviate our sufferings and become conscious beings of light. The records will never present any information that may put you into a downward, negative spiral or create more karmic baggage.

  1. But will I have karmic debt and how do I deal with this?

The Akashic Records will reveal any karma that needs untangling or healing. This, in turn, starts a gentle process of healing so that you become untangled from any karma that you may have caused. If any situation needs to be corrected, then you will be shown a positive way to achieve this. You may opt for Karmic Clearing Sessions from an Akashic Records Consultant or become an Akashic Records Practitioner to heal yourself. Allow your soul to guide you!

  1. What will I do with the information that I receive if I do not feel strong enough to act on it?

The information that you receive will be given to you in such a way that you do not need to do anything if you do not want to. It is not a process of commands or steps that you must follow. You will receive constructive advice on how to improve the situations that concern you. You may also be shown why those situations arose and any karma that caused them. Those who really wish to upgrade their karma are advised to opt for Karmic Clearing Sessions. or become an Akashic Records Practitioner to heal themselves.

Besides, it must be understood that the information from the Akashic Records is provided to you for a reason. If your Soul was not ready for karmic entanglement, it would have not reached this place. There is nothing called coincidence in life. Sometimes deep shame and guilt to face self, present circumstances render us from choosing to heal our blocks. This may manifest as not having enough money to enrol for a course or karmic clearing. While in certain cases, money may actually be an issue, but the soul will find a way out to organize money. But in most other cases, procrastination pours in! It must be understood that it is not because of limited funds but the resistance of your own self to face your karma due to deep shame and guilt because of which the Karma was created in the first place.

I thus advise you to gather courage, be wise, and stand for what your soul is aligning you for.

  1. Will I get to know more than what I asked for?

Once you register for the Soul Profiling, we align a telephonic consultation to understand your issue. You are encouraged to provide us with as much information as necessary for the session, restraining the conversation to the core issue. This helps us tap into your energies better. There is other information that is also required such as your full legal name, DOB, close up photograph etc.

During the session, when we connect to your Akashic Records, sometimes a lot of information comes through that was not originally asked for. This information is to help you along your life journey. The Akashic Records would not provide any information that would be difficult for you to process or something that you are not ready to face.

Sometimes clients tell me that I tell them things that they had not anticipated but it was the best thing that I could have told them. For example, a lot of clients want me to tell them that they will meet their soul mate within a certain period. During the consultation session, when I educate them about karma they need to clarify first in order to manifest their soul mate, they are sold! Sometimes, the response is, “Ahaa, I knew something like this was the reason”, or “I completely resonate with this etc”. Much of the times, it is like a “wake up call”. It may not be what they wanted to hear at that time, but it was they needed to hear know.

  1. What do I do with the information I receive after the reading?

There is no commitment for you to do anything at all!

You will receive guidance regarding various parts of your life journey, but it is entirely up to you whether you follow the advice or not. There is no judgment, whatsoever. I would strongly recommend that you listen to the recording/read the details shared in the Soul Profiling, at least, a couple of times. This will help you to process the information that you have been given.

Our recommendations for karmic clearing and crystal prescriptions also form a part of the soul profiling report. When your Soul is ready, it will automatically guide you. Just remain in awareness and be open to what you are intuitively guided towards, and most importantly, act on it!

I hope that this helps to alleviate some of the main concerns for new or prospective clients. However, you should remember that it is only a reading and there is no obligation for you to follow any of the information or advice was given to you. The Akashic Records do not give information that will unnerve or frighten you in any way. They are full of supportive and constructive guidance for your enlightenment on your journey through this life. If you are thinking of having an Akashic Records reading with me, please allow me to reassure you that you will be happy that you did!

If you require any further information, then please explore the rest of my website.  There are lots more articles about the Akashic Records and other spiritual matters, karmic blocks and much more.

Alternatively, you still have not found the answers that you were looking for then please get in touch with me.

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