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The Evolution of our Soul: From its Inception to the Present

Have we all not wondered where we came from? How did the human race originate? What are we doing here? What is the purpose of our lives? How do we explain evolution? What is the role of my family, mate, society, country, etc in my evolution?

We sure have. This is why science came up with the Big Bang theory which said everything started with a big bang where random particles got distributed in space and over a large measurement of time, solar systems, galaxies, and planets were formed. Well, given that happened, how do we know if we existed then? If energy can’t be created nor can be destroyed, sure each one of us will also be some particle in that random universe floating around space, looking for an identity? If yes, then won’t understanding our journey then will show our evolution now in a new light?

The Evolution Cycle starts from the Big Bang and provides a theoretical understanding of the incarnation of Souls. It is an explanation of how the universe got created, how souls got created, how these big energies take the forms of masses like planets etc. and also come into smaller forms like humans. It’s a story that explains the deeper truths of human evolution.

In these times when we are at the doorway of the New Age or more popularly known as the ‘Golden Age, we are living in this Physical Realm all the lack of understanding/karma we created while having gone through the various karmic cycles that ended up creating Karma with the Creator, with the Twin Flame, with the Soul Mates, thus altering our internal energies. This caused the split of duality between the Creator and the Creation, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, Between the good and the bad, the light and the day, the right and the wrong and so much more. Our singular perception was distorted into what we now understand as ‘Duality’.

It is extremely powerful to imbibe the understanding this theory gives, as we track our journey from the creation of our Soul to the present moment. In this Physical Realm. It gives the root causes for many karmic patterns we have lived through several lifetimes on Earth.

We learn about Evolution Cycle in Level 3 of Healing with Akashic Records. Here is what you can understand better once you have imbibed the wisdom of the Evolution Cycle:

  • Gender and the Battle of Sexes: How gender was first created and why? This is a very basic understanding that also carries with itself the root to many relationship concerns we face. Having imbibed this understanding and having used it for healing our lack of acceptance/understanding of gender, helps us resolve internal conflicts that lead to many concerns being controlled, dominated, abused, tortured, misunderstood, suppressed, humiliated by a particular gender.
  • Parenting: The Evolution Cycle explains to us how the concept of parenting ever originated within souls and what it means to a soul to be a part of a family or being a parent. Why and how we assume the role of the Creator in becoming a parent and how it consumes us. In trying to create the best world for our children, how, we as parents get entangled in creating more Karma with our children. It traces the outlines of the experience each soul ever went through in terms of being a child to a parent or being a parent to a child and hence expanding our understanding of self through our children.
  • Money: The Evolution Cycle also through sufficient light on explaining how the concept of money originated and what it means to the soul, much of which comes from the divide of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Whether we like it or not but our lives have this major dependency on money for survival so once we understand it from a higher perspective, it becomes much easier for us to resolve our conflicts with money or those caused because of the abundance or a lack of it.
  • Mate: The Evolution Cycle lays down a strong foundation on the concept of Twin Souls. The split between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine led to the creation of the concept of a ‘mate’. In Level 3 of Healing with Akashic records, we dive deeper into understanding what it means to experience a mate and find completion through them or why we feel incomplete without one.
  • Divine Wisdom: We all have a spark of the Creator within us, without which our existence is impossible. The theory of the Evolution Cycle details a profound understanding of this Divine Wisdom that connects us to the Akashic Intelligence, the Universal Consciousness of All That Is, which permeates through our soul. This Divine Wisdom is something that each one of us is inherently seeking and how we can address our blocks to find it within.
  • Our Physical Body: Our physical body is made of five elements and so is this physical realm. This isn’t any coincidence and there is a very good reason why the elements play such a vital role in our evolution. By resolving our conflicts within, we can liberate our body from the cellular memory and ancestral karma we have been carrying in our DNA via epigenetics. This helps in resolving the dis-eases and is-orders we have created by holding such dense energies in our being. Once we enlighten ourselves how our body holds the manifestations of the lack of understanding of our physical body or that of the lack of understanding of the oneness between the physical body & the soul, it is possible to resolve many physical ailments and the fear of having them.

This list isn’t exhaustive but gives one a fair idea about how deep the wisdom of the Evolution Cycle really is. This theory has the power to transform the whole perspective of life and the evolution of our Soul. Our intent here isn’t to make any claims or to challenge anyone but to present a framework that is helping many recognize their deeper truth, find meaning to their existence and experiences and move towards peace and serenity within.

When one knows who they are in totality and how their past lives have been creating a repetitive pattern, this theory of the Evolution Cycle provides a blueprint to start their journey to spiritual awakening. Once you learn how to do Karmic Clearing, as taught in Level 3 of Healing with Akashic records, you will be able to understand and resolve every small little concern to their most significant relationship issues.

In short, the theory of the Evolution Cycle has the power to shift your perception of your reality. It can help you elevate from a victim state to an empowered being. When utilized with an open mind for healing, the theory of the Evolution Cycle can change everything in one’s life and create empowerment, meaning and bliss even during the most chaotic times of your life. It transforms who you really are at the core of your being!

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