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Much like astrologers need a kundalini report to understand your nakshatras before guiding you about the future, a true healer requires a detailed understanding of your energy. Soul profiling provides a detailed report on the current energies as well as the key karmic themes the client has brought into this lifetime through which it has chosen to evolve.

In this course, you will learn how to do Soul Profiling for Self and Others.

You will be equipped to present the Soul’s blueprint to your Client which will assist you to chart out a healing plan with a 15-18 page detailed reading of the Soul, curated from the Akashic Records. This reading will elaborate on the journey of their soul, the reasons for their difficulties, and most importantly, the answers to some of their most pressing questions on ‘why’s which intellectually they are not able to figure out.

Program Structure

  • Type of your Soul based on the journey of your spiritual evolution
  • Soul’s personality type based on 7-Ray System
  • The level of consciousness
  • The number of spiritual guides
  • How this Soul is known and loved in the Akashic Records
  • Light Quotient of Soul. Light Quotient imbibed in the present life
  • The degree of your connection with the Higher Self or Creator
  • Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Expression

  • Key Themes of this lifetime.
  • Major Soul blocks and Negative programs that are influencing your current incarnation.
  • Foreign Energy Presence, if any, of
  • Negative Guides/Disguised Spirits
  • Soul memory problems
  • Entity attachments or Earthbound spirits attachments
  • Negative thoughtforms
  • Implants
  • Energy cords present
  • Presence of any curse, black magic, or similar energies
  • Personality Analysis based on Soul’s expression

  • Life Path

  • Soul Urge

  • Starseed origins

  • 13 Chakra Assessment and their Expression

  • Complimentary: Akashic Guidance for One Life Issue (Past Life Karma, Present Expression & Blocks, Possible Outcome Post Karmic Clearing)

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“It was a nicely programmed workshop for healing self and others. One needs to practice the tools to gain mastery over the subject but the way the complex spiritual concepts are explained in a simple, comprehensible language is mind-blowing.”

Aman Kumar


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March 5
March 6
₹ 21,000
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Karishma Manchanda
+91 97177 73206
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