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Level 1: Soul Regression Therapy

Soul Regression Therapy is a unique modality that extends beyond Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Devised over three modules, SRT enables the healing of emotional wounds and trauma in the current life, providing life-changing resolution via the unconscious mind.

The information contained in Level 1 provides a basic framework for all aspiring hypnotherapists and past life regression therapists.  Over the subsequent levels, you will discover how Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression can help heal your mind, body, and spirit. While Level 1 focuses on self-hypnosis and various techniques to heal self with hypnotic techniques, amazing transformations have taken place as a result of Soul Regression Therapy. By the end of all three levels, the curse unfolding will reveal the true richness of the soul and its powerful innate healing ability. This innate wisdom is available to us all through hypnotic regression, allowing us to access the realm beyond ours, a realm where master guides reside and universal wisdom is available to all.

Karishma Manchanda is one of the premier regression therapists having facilitated and explored hundreds of cases during the last twelve years. She teaches her unique form of Soul Regression Therapy as an in-person course in New Delhi. She has been trained extensively in the areas of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Healing Techniques, and Regression Therapies with many of the world’s pioneers in these fields. Her passion and interest have always been in Past Lives and the immortal Souls journey, exploring their own Past Lives and wanting to help others do the same. She is a qualified and certified, practicing Clinical Regression Hypnotherapist and Soul Regression Therapist, and is on a mission to help awaken consciousness and facilitate the healing of souls globally through building a network of enlightened healers.

Program Coverage:

  • Introduction & Brief History of Hypnotherapy
  • The Theory of Mind
  • How to create the Hypnotic State
  • The Theory and Laws of Suggestibility
  • Progressive Relaxation & Deepening Techniques
  • The wording of Effective Suggestions
  • Awakening Techniques
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Who are the best candidates for Soul Energy Regression Therapy
  • Medico-Legal considerations, Code of ethics, etc
  • Several Protocols for Self Hypnosis
  • Understanding the 12 Chakra System and Activate Higher Chakras of Soul
  • 10 Case Study submission by students is mandatory for certification
  • Learn to heal the subtle bodies: Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body (Karmic Etheric Body + Ancestral Etheric Body + Planetary Etheric Body), and Spiritual Light body
  • Harmonize the energy body for higher resonance

This is an in-person workshop scheduled once a year in New Delhi. Global certification is allocated to all the participants on successful completion of the course. Such certification course comes with an energy exchange of Rs 11,000/-

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“Overall, a very good course. I enjoyed learning the tools and understanding my situation from a spiritual perspective- it gives such a sign of relief to me once I learned the spiritual lessons behind the karmic pattern which has been repeating lifetime after lifetime. Now I know how to heal the issue once and for all!”

Anjali Khanna


Class Schedule


November 25, 2026 @ 11:00 AM
November 26, 2026 @ 6:00 PM
₹ 11,000
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New Delhi


Karishma Manchanda
+91 97177 73206
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