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Level 1: Crystal Prescriptions

About the Course:

Crystals are beautiful conscious beings that help us create an energy loop for wishes and needs that we find hard to manifest.

Crystals are chemical substances formed due to water trapped between the layers of the earth or due to the fast cooling of the lava.

The internal structure of the crystals is so regularly formed that they display highly organized electromagnetic fields. The law is that the energy always flows from high areas to low areas to balance the energy everywhere.

Hence the crystals due to their highly organized fields help us manage our erratic and low electromagnetic fields.

Crystal power can be enhanced by chanting mantras or giving affirmations to the crystals. This is the reason that in astrology crystals were associated with planets and used to heal various aspects like luck, marriage, anger etc. The crystals also associate with chakra healing in terms of their colours.

Crystals have a programmable memory and crystals are energy amplifiers as they store fire in their structure. They are capable of forming beings similar to living beings in processing the data available. All properties can be practically demonstrated. The crystals can thus be used for healing at physical and emotional levels.

Crystals are also used as wish-fulfilling stones. Crystals have certain properties that make them energy generators. Crystals are used independently as well as along with different therapies to generate enough energy.

It is like putting a motor where we cannot move things on our own. The motor helps to achieve efficiency and the push needed to do the work. There are many known varieties of crystals. Crystals have certain thumb rules with which we can classify them for healing purposes and use them accordingly.

We also learn to scan the aura using crystals and identify the issues. Crystal healing can be wonderfully combined with other alternative therapies to combine and enhance the effect of both the therapies being used. This Level 1 of the Crystal Prescriptions course offers a complete understanding of the crystals and their properties demonstrated in a practical way.

Program Coverage:

  • What is Healing
  • Basics of Crystals
  • The science behind crystal healing
  • How Crystals induce Healing
  • How to use Crystals
  • Cleansing & Purifying your Crystals
  • Reenergizing your Crystals
  • Programming your Crystals
  • Storing your Crystals
  • Crystals & Chakra System
  • Using Crystals to heal personal chakras and activate the soul chakras
  • Activating Higher Chakras of Soul (work with 13 Chakras System)
  • Healing the subtle bodies: Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body (Karmic Etheric Body + Ancestral Etheric Body + Planetary Etheric Body) and Spiritual Lightbody
  • Harmonizing the energy body for higher resonance

Available as an Online Course Only.

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“Overall, a very good course. I enjoyed learning the tools and understanding my situation from a spiritual perspective- it gives such a sign of relief to me once I learned the spiritual lessons behind the karmic pattern which has been repeating lifetime after lifetime. Now I know how to heal the issue once and for all!”

Anjali Khanna


Class Schedule


November 27 @ 11:00 AM
November 30 @ 6:00 PM
₹ 11,000
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New Delhi


Karishma Manchanda
+91 97177 73206
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