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Akashic Records Abundance Coach is an application-based program designed for all those who wish to become a Spiritual Life Coach, empowering others to manifest their dreams and desires.

In this four-module course, you will be guided in healing and clearing outmoded ideas about money, releasing obstructions causing the experience of lack and limitation with money, and choosing a new relationship with the energy of money, so that you feel empowered and aligned with whatever you desire. The Akashic Records are the ideal platform to work on all of this, since current beliefs and experiences with money may have come from past lives and ancestors, as well as the collective consciousness.

Each module consists of a lesson and a guided Akashic Records experience and activities to do in your Akashic Records, to continue the revealing, healing, and transformation.

Program Structure:

  • Discover Your Current Money Truth:
    • Use the power of your Money Story to reveal what is truly there
    • Open to current limitations in your flow of money via the pathway of your judgments
    • Use your story and your judgments as a springboard for releasing old, outmoded money beliefs
  • Reveal Past Life and Ancestral Money Beliefs:
    • Explore beliefs and energies around money that stem from past lives and/or your ancestors
    • Learn the Power Protocol for healing beliefs and energies that emanate from past lives and/or ancestors
    • Extend the benefit of the doubt to yourself, your past life experiences, and your ancestors as a pathway for healing and transformation
  • Uncover Collective Money Beliefs:
    • Understand that our collective consciousness contains beliefs around money and we are at the effect of those beliefs
    • Explore your current beliefs around your right to be in the flow of money
    • Examine the energy of worthiness to receive all you desire
  • Build a New Relationship with Money:
    • Review all you have released and transformed thus far in the series
    • In the Akashic Realm, align with the abundance mindset of what money will bring to your life
    • Experience money as a flow of energy and choose to step into this flow from a new, empowered stance
    • Explore and Step into the energy of Financial Freedom and all it can mean to you personally
  • Step into Coaching Others with Abundance Mindset
    • Understand what is Coaching
    • Model of Coaching Others
    • How is Coaching different from Consulting
    • Your role as a Coach Vs Healers
    • Becoming an Abundance Mindset Coach

Bonus: Includes tools to help coach your Clients!

Energy Exchange: Rs 40000

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“Overall, a very good course. I enjoyed learning the tools and understanding my situation from a spiritual perspective- it gives such a sign of relief to me once I learned the spiritual lessons behind the karmic pattern which has been repeating lifetime after lifetime. Now I know how to heal the issue once and for all!”

Anjali Khanna


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March 1, 2021 @ 11:00 AM
March 31, 2021 @ 6:00 PM
₹ 40,000
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Karishma Manchanda
+91 97177 73206

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