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Akashic Records Abundance Coach is an application-based program designed for all those who wish to become a Spiritual Life Coach, empowering others to manifest their dreams and desires.

It is time for all Akashic Healers to advance themselves into an Akashic Records Coach. In this course, you will learn to adapt the techniques of therapists and scale up your practice to dive into the deeper aspects of the psychology of your client and provide a comprehensive support system. You will learn to sharpen your consultation skills to explore the core themes that are recurrent n the Client’s life and how have they been adapted from the womb stage, from the paternal karma, maternal karma, ancestral lineage, and the evolution cycle.

This course provides a comprehensive foundation to develop or enhance consultation practice, use the Akashic Records for therapeutic work, and coach the client, thereby enabling you to become a holistic spiritual healer.

The course features a step-by-step developmental model of the consultee-centered consultation process, this course encourages consultants to prioritize those characteristics that contribute to a consultee’s difficulty, in addition to assessing the client in great detail. This concise course provides an applicable, contextualized, and strategic form of consultation, and fosters a professional-to-professional relationship distinguishable from supervision, counseling, therapy, coaching, or other methods.

The entire course is divided into three segments:

  1. Consultation with the Client
  2. Healing with Akashic Records
  3. Coaching the Client

This course provides a wealth of information on this important area of practice. It provides a comprehensive source for working with a diverse clientele. The course provides a step-by-step guide for developing internal consulting skills that will increase problem-solving abilities and lead to more effective interactions between you and your client.

This course presents extensive instructions:

  • Designing your first call consultation strategy
  • Developing your consultation skills in an in-person setup
  • Working on a time tested framework of consultation that overcomes the client’s resistance
  • Establishing core life themes that need healing
  • Retrieving information from the wounded inner child in a cognitive-behavioral set up using specific interviewing skills
  • Communicating clearly
  • Diagnosis of the core issue when the client comes with many
  • Phrasing questions and making suggestions
  • Identifying what needs to be healed first when the client is experiencing an emotional overwhelm
  • Linking the outcome of consultation with the healing modality.

In short, this course provides an authoritative framework for a standard of excellence in their practice.

Once the consultation is mastered, you will move towards the second segment of the course, ie heal the client with Akashic Records. You will then coach the client in order to shift their current energies into higher vibrations.

Thus, in the third segment, you will learn:

  • Understand what is Coaching
  • Model of Coaching your Clients
  • How is Coaching different from Consulting
  • Your role as a Coach Vs Healer
  • Master the Coaching Model best suited for healers and therapists that empowers your Clients

Please note that it is mandatory to submit 10 case studies to receive your certificate with a license number.

Energy Exchange: Rs 40000

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“Overall, a very good course. I enjoyed learning the tools and understanding my situation from a spiritual perspective- it gives such a sign of relief to me once I learned the spiritual lessons behind the karmic pattern which has been repeating lifetime after lifetime. Now I know how to heal the issue once and for all!”

Anjali Khanna



August 6, 2022
August 21, 2022
₹ 40,000
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Karishma Manchanda
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