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About Karishma Manchanda

Lovingly known as Healer’s healer, Karishma Manchanda is India’s leading Spiritual Life Coach who has designed a transformational healing modality called Healing with Akashic Intelligence. Karishma empowers soul-centered seekers to live a life manifesting their true potential by helping them release their karmic blocks to love and abundance. She is a spiritual business advisor and a mentor, helping healers, coaches, therapists and wellness experts set up businesses in the field of spirituality and wellness. She works with extraordinary spiritual entrepreneurs and fate-changers looking to make more impact in this world. She is passionate about witnessing how her private clients awaken to their destiny, create their legacy, and support them to make their dream a reality.

What Are The Akashic Records2020-06-13T18:25:49+05:30

Akasha (as in Akashic) is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” or “sky.” The essence of this word is the primordial substance or that from which all is formed.

The Akashic Records have been known throughout ancient cultures. There are many references to the Akashic Records dating back to the earliest advanced civilizations- Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Egypt & even the Old Testament of the Bible. The Akashic Records are also referred to as the ‘Book of Life’.

The Akashic Record is a spiritual dimension that acts as a repository for all the lives of each Soul, past & present along with all the potential lives yet to be lived in addition to those parallel lives we may not know exist or may never discover. Every thought, deed, & feeling that we ever have is registered here.

It is often described as a ‘library’ however this is simply an analogy so do not get fixed on this visual or concept. Remain open-minded to how your mind will interpret it.

The keeper of the records is Enoch who in life was a Jewish scribe, he went on to become God’s traveling companion (Old Testament) & scribe, keeping records for God, he was then transported to Heaven by God instead of being allowed to die when his time came. God then made him into the angel we know today as Metatron. Metatron is the scribe of the records; he is also known as the protector of children.

Akashic records can be most simply understood as a collection of all thoughts, deeds, physical or non-physical action, and all intent of this physical plane of existence for all human souls that have ever incarnated on this physical and earthly plane of existence. Akashic Records are stored in an energetic and light form on the ethereal plane (space, or the Akasha- as in Sanskrit).

The Akashic Records are often also referred to as the “Book of Life” containing the records of all human souls in the history of time, and most if not all souls go through their records before they take birth in a physical body on earth. Thus, the records are etched in their subtle memories and determine their choices, behaviour patterns, and certain actions.

Akashic Records can also be understood as an ascended realm on its own, which was earlier believed to be accessible to select few sages, ascended masters, and highly evolved wise ones or so-called ‘chosen ones’. However, now in this new age ( also known as Aquarian age) of the collective evolution of human consciousness, as more and more souls are awakening to and seek to live with a sense of higher purpose and in deeper and profound connection with their higher selves, Akashic Records are being made available to those who seek answers to the mysteries of the universe, past lives, their personal existence, their soul design, journey, and evolution.

These seeker souls, evolved souls or light-worker souls or even those who are just starting on their spiritual path, can thus move forward with greater ease, confidence and clarity towards fulfilling their highest life mission, heal any or all residual past & current trauma stemming from personal relationships, suffering from a loss (such as losing a loved one). Besides, there may also be confusion arising due to a transformation in the consciousness of self, and yet living and projecting from a state of ego; social-family-peer conditioning; fear-based living as opposed to living from a state of love; past life unsettled issues; karmic debts, burdens & lessons; lessons pre-determined by the souls itself for its own evolution; decisions made at the souls level before taking birth and yet forgetting those same decisions upon entering this earthly dimension and embarking on its human life journey.

Learning about our own personal Akashic Records can heal and clear most of the above and results can often be instantaneous as we obtain a higher perspective and understanding about our own personal life and soul journey, akin to observing ourselves from a mountain top and thus seeing the larger picture and comprehending hidden and deeper truths that are not visible through the ego conditioned mind or physical eyes.

For many serious spiritual seekers, finding the Akashic Records is like coming home.

This vast repository of insight, divine knowing, and support can help you navigate even the most difficult aspects of your journey.

Key Characteristics of Akashic Records2020-06-13T18:28:56+05:30
  • Akashic records do not exist on a physical plane but on an etheric or spiritual plane that can be accessed through deep meditation and relaxation. Akashic Records have been chronicled in almost every ancient spiritual tradition and ancient religious scriptures from different lands.
  • The Akashic Records is a light realm and is thus most related to the Creator Consciousness. It is also a realm, which we can all access by traversing deep within us, thus transcending the physical existence and ego, connecting to our own divine truth and essence, and our spiritual guardians, during deep meditative states.
  • By accessing our Akashic Records, we get information about our Divine Blueprint and Soul’s Purpose.
  • To be able to access Akashic Records is also a sign of ascension of our own consciousness and connecting to our higher self. One always experiences a transformation or rising of one’s consciousness, a feeling of awakening or ascension of one’s soul after connecting to his or her Akashic Records. To put it simply, after accessing our Akashic Records, through guided meditation with a teacher or by ourselves during the deep meditative state, we come back with a heightened level of awareness and awakening.
  • In Akashic Records, our personal records of all our past lives, deeds, actions, relationships, soul vows, and contracts that we have made will be stored. Through retrieving sacred information about ourselves, we can make sense of situations in our life, find purpose, and evolve on all levels. This is not a realm that we can perceive with our naked eye but only with our spiritual eyes, divine senses, and an open heart, all of which, every one of us possesses.
  • While, we can access our own Akashic Records, with support from spiritual beings who are the custodians of our Akashic Records, we need explicit permission from the concerned person to be able to access some else’s records unless that member is a very close family member and we are trying to access his or her records to heal or help in some way. Therefore, one cannot simply access a third person’s records. However, we can access our records and seek to discover about our relationship or challenges (if any) with that third person through our own Akashic Records
  • It is possible for people with regular spiritual practice and evolved beings, to have already connected with their Akashic Records during meditative states, through their dreams, intuitive or clairvoyant messages, astral travels during sleep time, without even being aware of it through their ego-mind. But the subtle knowingness would still be etched in their soul memory and aid in raising their consciousness
  • A spiritual healer and guide, who has been divinely directed to work closely with Akashic Records Realm, and to render his or her services in this manner to people, can usually access other people’s Akashic Records, upon receiving their explicit permission to be able to do so and thus, bring you the information about your own Akashic Records.
  • Similarly, one may connect to one’s own Akashic Records through guided prayer or meditation by a spiritual healer /teacher and thus, obtain information about one’s own soul journey. Once the answers have been received, a state of clarity and inner knowingness is created; healing then takes place not only at the physical level and emotional level but at a higher soul level and hidden karmic level.
  • Furthermore, any blockages or repeated karmic patterns that are ready to be released with regards to one’s relationships, such as doubts, resentments, grief, anger, attachments, over-clinging, sorrow may be released after accessing one’s own Akashic Records.
  • Besides clarity can be obtained and blockages and unwanted patterns can be released even about other aspects of self and life, such as – higher life purpose; career change; money related issues; marriage; love-life; abundance issues; health challenges; challenges and obstacles faced through other people such as a loved one, colleagues, close family members or extended family; family conflicts or judicial issues; self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others; pent up anger or addiction problems; self-sabotaging tendencies; lack of self-worth and low confidence in self; nervous and emotional disorders (often occurs due to being overwhelmed about one’s life purpose) and more.
Why Access The Records?2020-06-13T18:32:48+05:30

When looking at the past & present lives of ourselves & others we need to access the records, this holds the answers to so much.

Every day, I help people learn how to open their Akashic Records and set them on a journey to:

  • Get clear about who they are and what they want to do in this life
  • Understand why certain people are in our lives
  • Get an understanding about the purpose of our Soul and its existence (the reason for being here this time)
  • Understand Karma, Past Lives, and their implications
  • Heal the Future Lives by clearing the outdated aspects, karma and limiting beliefs
  • Find out the reasons for recurring patterns, long unfulfilled wishes and more
  • Understand more about their unique life purpose and how to express it
  • Define what they want out of relationships and create roadmaps to get there in their most important connections.
  • Identify careers and professional opportunities that are fulfilling and engaging.
  • Explore their strengths in the context of their spiritual journey and find ways to express those.
  • Learn how to grow as people, becoming more of whom they envisioned.
  • Work through years of accumulated “stuff,” and shed the weight of expectations, blame, fear, and judgment that wreaks havoc in our modern lives
  • Connect with a deeper sense of knowing that they can trust, through a simple process that can be used anytime you need guidance
  • Step onto a platform that can help you explore the greatest mysteries in the universe.
  • Understand why we have agreed to certain circumstances in our lives (soul contracts) and much more

There are so many ways to use the records to our benefit, this workshop will help you to discover how to access the records, how to heal within the records, how to work with the Akashic Records as well as how to discover soul contracts, soul purposes not to mention how to use past lives to create positive change in this life.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence2020-06-13T18:40:20+05:30

Healing with Akashic Intelligence™ is perhaps one of the most comprehensive courses available across the globe on Akashic Records.

This is a course that beautifully combines concepts of spiritual psychology with quantum physics. The heart of this class is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held deep within our subconscious mind, either self-inflicted or externally imposed. You will discover how to identify your limiting beliefs and resolve them to positive and empowering ones. Instantly changing years of self-sabotage, bad habits, and negative life patterns. This course will open your intuitive centers and chakras, as you connect to Divine Source Energy for readings and healing. We will guide you in deep theta meditation to silence your mind and access your subconscious mind.

Our training courses are open to everyone, whether you are learning for your interest and self-development, or you would like to become a Practitioner, or you are an existing Practitioner who wants to advance your understanding of your existing therapies or coaching practice. This a highly versatile meditation training technique for self-development that empowers you for positive change. Reprogramming your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity, and abundance.

Healing with Akashic Intelligence… the unique, gentle yet powerful modality that opens the path to profound healing and co-creation, plus connection to the magical, magnificent frequencies and energies from the divine source…
Healing with Akashic Intelligence™ is the loving, divine result of a series of downloads that I received directly from Divine Source…

Some of these practitioners were brand new to healing and high-frequency energies but have since gone on to become extremely successful professional healers. Others were established healers who were able to deepen and expand their offerings, bringing about even more powerful transformations in their own lives and in the lives of those they work with.

With the Healing with Akashic Intelligence™ Certification Program, you will…

  • Connect to The Heart of Creation at WILL to bring through healing energies that are powerful beyond anything you can imagine
  • Receive precise readings on clients, connect with their guides and angels and receive divine visions or information on needs to be done, for the client’s highest good, in each session
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, empowering beliefs to co-create a magnificent new life experience
  • Release outdated oaths, vows, contracts, and agreements blocking the creation of dreams and desires in this reality
  • Clear negative emotions that are stuck DNA, cells, cellular memory, chakras, and nervous system.
  • Receive deep healing on blocks, fears, and resistance around healing and being a healer and so much more
  • Receive detailed scripts to clear and resolve beliefs, oaths, vows, and contracts, install new positive feelings and beliefs, clear energy, and entities, and more.
  • Structure powerful sessions for clients so they can receive maximum benefits. This will allow you to establish your reputation as an effective powerful healer of integrity
  • Know how to create awareness around your own and your clients’ root beliefs and core lessons that can open the space for high vibrational frequencies and profound healing shifts that can change your life and your spiritual evolution
  • Tap into emotions and physical feelings in your body to clear negative beliefs and energy, and guide your clients to do the same within a session
  • How to stimulate your intuition. Practice and use the Theta brain wave, connecting to the energy that exists in everything. Scan the body for energetic and physical blocks.
  • Access the subconscious mind. Understand the power of the subconscious mind in manifesting and healing. Learn the principles of spiritual alchemy & how emotions become beliefs.
  • Understand concepts of Creation, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, etc.
  • Experience improvement by transforming beliefs and feelings.
  • Identify and replace emotional pain, trauma and limiting beliefs based on childhood conditioning, societal conditioning, current life experiences, and past life issues.
  • Techniques to find core beliefs that govern your life. See and experience how to ‘dig’ for a root belief.
  • How to use this system to enrich the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life.
  • How to co-create healing with the Energy of All That Is.
  • Experience and learn how to make your life exactly the way you want it to be. Seeing your possible future, and how to change it.
  • Explore divine timing and divine order.
  • Clear your past to create your joyful future and so much more.
  • Learn various tools to help heal yourself. Experiential Belief Work and Advanced Digging Understand the root cause of your current issues such as the feeling of not ‘good- enough’, unworthiness, hopelessness, abandonment, rejection, repeating patterns in relationships, etc.
  • Heal self-defeating patterns, overcome anxiety & suffering. Releasing blocks and limiting beliefs and live your life fully in the now. Witness deep emotional healing by releasing inbuilt pain and stuck emotions. Understand why patters in relationships repeat and how to release old patterns.
  • Understand past lives and resolve the past.
  • Find balance within and bring back positivity & abundance in all areas of your life. Heal your mind, body, and spirit and regain that blissful state of unconditional love and inner peace.
Soul Evolution Growth Path2020-07-04T08:46:05+05:30


The Akashic Records Academy

The Akashic Records Academy is a training institute for India’s leading healing modality called Healing with Akashic Intelligence that has the power to overcome the limitations of almost all other modalities transcending Karma and empowering students with their Soul’s innate wisdom. It is a platform for all holistic practitioners, healers, therapists, and teachers in India who have a shared vision. Additionally, we aim to help our clients grow and flourish to assist them with their dreams and desires for better health, improved life, manifesting loving relationships, successful careers, and discovering their life’s purpose.

We empower luminaries with various tools and resources to release karmic blocks from their childhood, transgenerational patterns, past lives, and even soul-level baggage. We also offer services for the removal of energetic blocks in relationships and businesses such as dark forces, foreign entities, spirits, geopathic stress in homes and workplaces, curses, spell,s black magic, etc. The combined wisdom of karmic clearing along with the power of prescription energy medicines, the Akashic Records Academy offers you the unique advantage of choice in your transformational journey, along with an exceptionally high standard of service.

Inner Child Karma

Heal our inner child wounds and become empowered to love yourself unconditionally

Ancestral Karma

Heal your parental and transgenerational karma & live life that is truly your own

Past Life Karma

Free your self from past life karma. Allow yourself to manifest love and abundance


Instructor-led Workshop or Self-learning Course

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