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5 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

The Law of Attraction is as simple as thinking or feeling into an experience you would like to have and then sitting back and watching the experience unfold before your eyes. Sounds pretty simple, fun, and easy, yet so many people think it’s too good to be true or think a thought of I will win the lottery, but when it doesn’t appear next week, they toss this powerful law aside. The Law of Attraction, much like gravity, is working whether you’re aware of the law of not. Even working with affirmations fail many!

Let us see how Gravity works! If you drop an apple it will fall to the ground whether it wants to or not.

Similarly is the case with the Law of Attraction! What you focus on you get more of whether you want it or not is what you get!

Ok, so now that we have an understanding of how the law impacts us daily and how, if our focus is left unchecked, we can unknowingly attract unwanted experiences, let’s get started with the five practical steps to manifest anything and everything.

Pre-Step: Getting Into Alignment

You manifest by emanating a vibrational set-point. Another way to word this is you are a beacon emitting your emotional energy to the universe all day every day, attracting in experiences. If you raise your vibrations, you increase the number of uplifting experiences you have.

Here’s a simple list of emotions/vibrations originally presented by Abraham Hicks

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelmed
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

7 and up on the list is considered to be in alignment. You’re in a decent mood and have the mental clarity to hear impulses from your inner-being (some call this soul, spirit guides, higher self, etc.) on action steps to take to get you toward your desires. In this Scale of Consciousness, when we 500 and up is when we start to align with the Universe and the Law of Attraction becomes our second nature,

If you’re below 7 on the list, people tend to be pinched off and caught up in the bad-feeling-emotion, with thoughts like:
Why did this happen to me? or This isn’t going to feel good. or even Why am I suffering so much?

Simply put, your first and utmost importance every day is to do something, anything, that will raise your vibration one or two notches up that list, so at a default level, you begin to attract in people, slowing down to let you over—verses being cut off.

The words you speak aren’t as important as the vibrational state you’re emitting. When you say I would like more money, but have an emotional state of but then I’d be evil and vain. Guess what? Your vibrations are too low around the topic of money and you won’t be manifesting money.

When you say the words I’d like more money, but you’re feeling panicked about money, feeling the pain of paying your bills, then you are manifesting money in a way where you’ll continue feeling panicked. You’re also focused more on I don’t want to be evil than you are on having more money or that I never make enough money.

We need to gauge the emotion behind wanting to have more money. If we are operating from the emotion of ‘Lack’, then we are already radiating lower vibrational frequency. As a result of the Law of Attraction, we are likely to experience a lack of money only. Instead, the moment we start to believe that we are always supported and provided by the Universe for all our needs and in our highest best, we shift our perspective from the ‘Lack’ to ‘Surrender & Acceptance’. Thus, when you operate from a positive frame of mind, you feel neutral about money or even feel joyous when you pay your bills and love spending your money, the universe can send money your way AND you’ll feel good about receiving it.

Getting into alignment before you do an ask allows you to create the emotion you’d like to feel once you receive your ask.

Here are some practical ways to raise your vibrations so you’ll manifest quicker and feel better on the journey.

  • Make a satisfaction list: Make a list of 10 things you find satisfying or appreciate. You might like warm water, modern technology, video calls with your grandchildren, the plants in your home, your car, etc. Anything that evokes an emotion of 7 or up on that list, you want to bring your focus to it daily.
  • Meditate: Set a timer for 15 minutes and bring your focus to a sound or focus on relaxing all the muscles in your body. If your mind wonders, which it will just bring your focus back to your breath, sound, or muscles.
  • Compliment yourself all day every day: I did a good job making my breakfast. I did a good job getting the children to school. I did a good job making my bed. I did a good job vacuuming up that dust bunny, etc. Sounds silly but just like the car example, if you focus enough daily on the vibration of how good of a job you’re doing, even if only for a minute or two, you will start to manifest more situations where you feel like you’re doing a good job, just like you start to notice that car everywhere.
  • Create your own enjoyment: Anything that brings you enjoyment and eases your emotions up the emotional guidance list will do the trick! I want you to receive your manifestation and in a way that feels good, so this is the most vital step!
  • Next, let’s discover how to properly ask for a manifestation so it comes quickly and enjoyably!

Step 1: Clarify Your Ask

Most people focus on why they can’t have something, to the point that they don’t even ask for it. For example, something like that never happens to me, or that only happens to X type of people.

You are focusing on all the reasons you can’t have something, to the point that you are not even asking. There’s a saying, you’ll miss the ball every time when you don’t swing. You are doing just that with your thoughts.

You have to ask for what it is you desire. That is free will.

First, write down what it is that you want. Then, take the time to picture what it would be like to have it in your life. How would you feel? Those feelings, the emotions, are your actual ask.

For example, I want money and let’s say the reason why is so you can take a vacation and finally relax, and it would feel so good to explore a new environment.

Now that you’re focused on the feeling of relaxation and exploration, the Universe (some call this God, source, spirit, collective consciousness, All that is, etc..) can send you a new project, a bonus, a pay raise, a huge sale, a free raffle…get it? The emotion behind the ask allows the universe to deliver your desire in numerous ways, versus one constricted way.

Plus, as a bonus, if you focus on feeling relaxation and fun exploration you can have that NOW without taking the trip. The universe can start creating rendezvous with friends at new restaurants (fun exploration) with good conversation (relaxation) and a nice ambience (relaxation.)

That is why it’s so important to allow yourself to admit what you want AND how you would feel once you receive it. Once you cultivate those feelings you will receive the feelings now, and it will only continue to grow with momentum until the end-manifestation desire appears. Talk about win-win!

At this point, some people think So I just sit back and focus on the feelings and allow that to appear at my doorsteps?

Let’s discover how easy it is to know when to take action, versus allowing the universe to handle it.

Step 2: Allow the Universe

This step is the universe’s job! This is where the universe magically aligns things by working behind the scenes to make sure the right person will see your resume; someone will share your work and your ideal client sees your offerings. <— This is OUR job. The how, the who, the where the when.
The universe typically sends you impulses, through a good feeling in your chest, to let you know this is aligned. Follow your joy, follow your good feeling.

That is the universe leading you to your desire. Take inspired action.
As you’re walking around town while manifesting a job, and get a good feeling in your chest, when the thought of call so-and-so pops to mind, call them! That is the universe sending you inspired action! Take that step.

Wake up and feel like you have to be pounding out resumes to show you’re really looking for a job. That’s effort.

Is your focus on alignment and inspired action or on productivity?

This is where the saying life is meant to be lived in outrageous joy comes from. Emotions first, and then action. One action in alignment (after all, you just need one company to hire you) is more powerful than hundreds out of alignment.

So now that we feel better and know when to take action, how do we receive our desire?

Step 3: Believe & Receive

This is the step where, if you are in vibrational alignment (7 and up on the list) to your desire, you receive your manifestation!

If you did not instantly manifest, then it’s time to notice the signs that you’re on your journey!

If you asked for more money to feel more freedom in your life, then start noticing the money you have in your life NOW, as well as the FREEDOM.

Did a stranger just buy you a cup of coffee? Bask in how good that felt to so easily receive love AND money.

When you pay a bill feel how good it feels to have the money to pay it. Feel how good it feels to be able to support the company. Feel how good it feels to spend the money, and know you are helping employ others.

The more you feel good about receiving money (or whatever it is you want to manifest) the quicker it can appear in physical form.

Every time you receive a free gift, a rebate, a raise, a new client, notice that you are along the journey to receive more money. The more signs you bask in and notice, the quicker more will come in.

Were you able to choose between caffeine or decaf? Bask in the freedom of that choice. Were you able to choose between water and milk as a drink for breakfast? Bask in that freedom of choice.
If you already have all the skills, knowledge, ability, and are in alignment, then you’ll likely have an overnight manifestation.

If you need some skills, knowledge, ability, etc. then you’re on the journey. Some staircases have four steps, and some have fifty. Can you be in a place of appreciating the knowledge you’re gaining, and noticing these are steps along your journey? Appreciation and knowledge are number one vibrations, so if you can appreciate the learning of the knowledge, then you’re in alignment on your journey, manifesting the next step, and just like a staircase, one step at a time! If you hate that you have to learn something, then that’s you choosing to stay on that step of the staircase for a break. People like to call this blocked, subconscious, etc.

If you think life can’t be that fun or joyous, go back to the alignment section and do a Step 1 ask of I would like to see how this can happen for someone like me, or I would like to feel better about this journey.

If you’re ready to manifest your dream life, then keep reading.

Step 4: Synchronistic Flow

Living life in the synchronistic flow is when you are in alignment more often than not and typically noticing the signs of the unfoldment of your manifestations.

You are so strongly tuned in and tapped into what it is YOU WANT and know that following your joy is perfectly enough, that you stay in your chosen vibrational set-point, even while around others who may not be feeling as good as you. You can have what you want despite what others think.

This is where you feel so supported by Source that you confidently know that anything you want is coming. It’s all about enjoying the journey. It doesn’t matter if others think it’s possible or not, or if you even tell them about your manifestation. You know it’s coming, and you are following your internal guidance on classes to take, actions to take, etc.

You embrace that you are in control of your point of vibration and tend to it daily.

Now, what happens if you think you CAN’T manifest your desire and are at a low vibrational set-point?

I’m about to reveal to you how the universe is always working on your behalf and how to manifest, even when you think or feel bad emotions, also called contrast/resistance in the Law of Attraction world.

Step 5: Vibrational Contrast/Resistance & Embracing All of Your Emotions

Alignment is vital to manifesting an overall uplifting, empowering life, but this is the crucial step for growth and allowing in more than previous generations in your family ever have.

This is the step where you fully embrace every emotion you feel AND still trust that everything is always working out for you.

It’s knowing that you can have a moment of doubt, of when the manifestation will occur and being okay with that. Being okay and fully embracing your emotions, aka your human-level experience, is ALIGNMENT! It’s about being okay with your emotions and then tending to your emotions to keep moving on up that list. When you are okay with how you feel, you are content. Content is number 7 and in alignment!

For example, I want my first client and I doubt anyone would want to work with me. Out of alignment statement, and your focus is on no one would want to work with me so you won’t get a client. However, if you self-soothe and self-validate, then you’re in alignment. That would look like this, I want a client and I find myself doubting if anyone would want to work with me. Well, that’s okay to have that thought and feeling, this is, after all, a new venture I’m starting, that I’ve never done before, so it’s okay to feel doubt. Just like when I was learning to walk, I had a bit of a wobble because I wasn’t sure if my legs would hold me, even though I saw other people walking, yet my inner-being kept calling me forward, and I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I’ll soon get the hang of this, and it will be a delight when I do work with my first person. Yes, the universe, I’d like to feel calmer, smoother, and more assured as I continue on this journey, and can’t wait to meet the person who wants to be my first client. I know you’re guiding them to me because they are asking to work with someone just like me.”

The quicker you can fully embrace your emotions, your feelings, and know that they are always working out for you, the quicker you can get back to clarify your ask, Step 1, and then move into step 3, and receive your manifestation, or the next step towards your manifestation.

Fully embracing, self-soothing, and self-validating any emotions below 7 automatically brings them up to 7 alignments, and you’re on your path. Not as fast as if the doubt wasn’t there, but not stalled out on lower steps either.

That is how you manifest. A manifestation is a powerful tool for personal self-growth, to become the person who has that manifestation as a default. You don’t want to manifest a million dollars via the lottery. Studies have shown, within two years, people typically return to their previous monetary level. You want to become the person who has all the skills, knowledge, and ability to have a million in your bank account at a default level. That’s what will allow you to receive it and keep it.

Happy Manifesting!